Controversial Los Angeles City Council candidate Joe Bray-Ali (right) failed to oust incumbent Gil Cedillo in the May 16 runoff election. (Joe Bray-Ali/Facebook photo)

In a May 16 runoff election for the Los Angeles City Council seat representing much of Northeast Los Angeles, incumbent Gil Cedillo convincingly topped challenger Joe Bray-Ali.

Bray-Ali, an Indian-Hungarian-Irish Jewish and Muslim Democrat, made headlines when at a debate a Cedillo supporter told him to "Go back to India" (see India-West article here).

It didn't stop there, however.

Last month, information about Bray-Ali's infidelity, as well as his history of making bigoted comments, came to light.

While the challenger apologized for his comments that were found on an Internet forum, it didn't stop high profile endorsements such as the Los Angeles Times and Councilman Mitch O'Farrell from rescinding their allegiance.

Bray-Ali pressed forward in his quest to take over the seat from Cedillo, but the writing was on the wall.

Cedillo recorded more than 70 percent of the votes, to Bray-Ali's less than 30 percent.

“These voters in the 1st District are smart,” Cedillo said at a gathering, according to a Los Angeles Times report. “They chose experience. They chose an incredible record. … They chose someone who wants to bring people together.”

Bray-Ali was greeted by dozens of cheering volunteers and supporters at the Huron Substation, the report said.

The candidate told the crowd that if he won, he had work to do and if he failed, he said, "I'm ready to hold [Cedillo] accountable for every misstep, every false move, every idiotic proposal," according to the LA Times report.

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