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Spelling Bee champion Karthik Nemman. (Twitter/scrippsbee photo)

The North South Foundation has become a pipeline for producing Scripps National Spelling Bee champions.

In winning the 2018 championship by correctly spelling “koinonia” (see India-West article here), Indian American youngster Karthik Nemmani became the 11th straight winner of the annual competition to come from the foundation, it announced in a news release.

"These contests help children improve their knowledge, analytical skills and self-confidence, empowering them to become better citizens of tomorrow," North South founder Dr. Ratnam Chitturi said in a statement.

North South Foundation has been providing a platform for Indian American children to hone their skills in spelling, science, math, geography, brain bee and other subjects. North South Foundation provides coaching and conducts workshops in these subjects to help students excel, it said.

The students have the opportunity to participate in various educational bees at the regional level at any of the 90 North South Foundation chapters across the country. Qualified contestants then move on to the more competitive national finals, it added.

The coaching and educational bees have prepared the North South Foundation students to successfully compete in national level competitions such as the Scripps Spelling Bee, National Geographic Bee, MATHCOUNTS, Science Bowl, U.S. Brain Bee and others. 

Ten of the 16 spellers who made it to the primetime finals of the spelling bee were all North South Foundation students, including runner-up Naysa Modi.

Outside of Nemmani and Modi, other North South spellers included both third place finishers, Jashun Paluru and Abhijay Kodali; fifth place finisher Navneeth Murali; Sravanth Malla, who took sixth; and Anisha Rao, Shruthika Padhy, Rohan Roja and Tara Singh, who all tied for 10th.

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