Sikh art book

Cover of the book from the collection of Indian American entrepreneur Narinder Singh Kapany. (photo provided)

The Sikh Foundation recently released “Sikh Art from the Kapany Collection,” a richly illustrated coffee-table book that features art work from the Sikh Foundation's Indian American founder Narinder Singh Kapany’s private collection.

Published by the Sikh Foundation and the Smithsonian’s Asian Cultural History Program, the book includes essays by 15 distinguished scholars, who assess and interpret the Kapany collection. The 320-page book features 297 full color images of all forms of Sikh art, including paintings, sculptures, textiles, stamps, manuscripts, arms and armor, and coins; and introduces Sikh art and culture to a wider audience.

The book is divided into three sections: The Collectors and Their Vision; The Kapany Collection: A Survey of Sikh History and Ethos; and Further Studies in the Kapany Collection.

The first section describes the shared vision and passion of Kapany and his wife, Satinder; explores Kapany’s own artistic works; and places the collection within the context of the Kapany legacy.

The second section studies Sikh art from a historical perspective an includes the Janamsakhi manuscripts, portraits of the Gurus, artwork depicting the Golden Temple and art from the Sikh kingdoms.

The final section of the book explores specific artwork, including Sikh-themed stamps, coins, textiles, arms, contemporary art and museum engagement.

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