Indian American designer Rachel Roy, whose clothes have adorned several high-profile women, including Michelle Obama, Mindy Kaling and Kate Hudson, has now rolled out her curvy collection, “RACHEL Rachel Roy Curvy,” for the plus-size woman.

The designer, renowned for her colorful and contemporary collections in luxurious fabrics and styling, has created clothes in sizes 14-24, which are being sold at Macy’s. The new line will also be available on Roy’s website,, starting next month.

“I would do personal appearances, and what I got asked for the most out of any brand extension — whether it be home, jewelry, swim — was plus size,” Roy told Hollywood Reporter. “And that has been consistent since 2006, when I started my own line.”

The half-Indian, half-Dutch Roy has also turned author with “Design Your Life: Creating Success Through Personal Style,” which is filled with practical and inspirational tips and personal insights gleaned from her own journey in life and business.

Talking about what motivated her to write the book, the report quoted Roy as saying she was going through a lawsuit to win her name and company back — Roy sued her parent company, The Jones Group, for the rights to her brand, and won — when she decided to tell her story.

“Sometimes when you’re living life and going through whatever it is that you need to go through daily, you show up, and you do it — as women, that’s how we are. Until you have something to reflect on, something that’s different and out of the norm, that’s the time you can appreciate and give yourself accolades that perhaps you never would,” she said.

“Even if you’re not in fashion, you can hopefully come away with how you can live the life that you hope to be living,” she added.

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