Serve Homeless

Members of SEVA: Selfless Service volunteer on Christmas Eve to help Sacramento’s homeless community. The volunteer organization collected 500 new jackets to distribute to homeless people. (photo provided)

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — On Christmas Eve, the Sacramento-area South Asian community participated in efforts to support the city’s homeless population. Members of SEVA: Selfless Service, the American Muslim Voice Foundation and South Asian community members came out in full force to join Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg in working to provide homeless people in Sacramento with food, shelter and clothing.

Steinberg is a well-known political figure in the state capital. He has served Sacramento both at the Capitol and in City Hall for over 20 years, and along the way has championed many community service causes. One such cause is the availability of mental healthcare, which he has called “the under-attended issue in our time and in our society.” A lack of mental healthcare services dovetails into homelessness, which, as mayor, Steinberg is working hard to address.

During the Christmas Eve volunteer event, members of the AMVF, which is dedicated to addressing common social concerns and promoting kindness, served 1,000 meals, along with warm smiles and best wishes for a Merry Christmas, to the homeless and hungry at Loaves and Fishes, an organization that provides food and warmth to homeless people.

While members of the AMVF served meals, volunteers from SEVA: Selfless Services set up a stand on a street near Loaves and Fishes and distributed warm jackets to those in need of winter-weather clothing. The organization collected 500 new jackets to be donated during the Christmas Eve event. 

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