Dhingra Endorsement

Manka Dhingra (center), an Indian American prosecutor running for state Senate in Washington's 45th Legislative District, was endorsed by the Alliance for Gun Responsibility Victory Fund. 

An Indian American candidate for Washington’s state Senate seat in the 45th Legislative District has been endorsed by the Alliance for Gun Responsibility Victory Fund.

Manka Dhingra, a prosecutor in King County, is running for the open seat in the 45th District, and received the endorsement from the gun responsibility alliance June 13.

“Manka Dhingra is one of the strongest gun responsibility champions in the state of Washington,” said alliance chief executive officer Renée Hopkins in a statement. “She has a proven track record and deep understanding of gun violence and the intersection with domestic violence and hate. She also has numerous policy ideas for institutional change to more effectively reduce gun violence at every level, Hopkins said.

“Electing Manka Dhingra to the state Senate is a really important step in building a gun responsibility majority in Olympia,” the CEO added.

Dhingra has served in the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s office as the deputy and senior deputy prosecuting attorney for 16 years.

Additionally, she oversees King County’s Mental Health Court, Veteran’s Court and Community Assessment for Referral and Diversion Program.

She is a longtime advocate for women and immigrant rights and co-founded Chaya, now API Chaya, which works to end systemic violence through education, prevention and organizing, the alliance noted in its news release.

Dhingra also previously served on the Seattle Police Department Muslim, Arab and Sikh Advisory Council to address hate crimes in the region.

The candidate announced her candidacy for the seat recently, and has said she hopes to break the partisan gridlock that continues to prevent needed action in several areas (see India-West article here).

Also receiving an endorsement from the alliance was state Rep. Vandana Slatter. The alliance said Slatter is a new gun responsibility legislator who has actively supported and voted for gun bills in this year’s legislature.

The primary election for the Washington state Senate is scheduled for Aug. 1.

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