Rajasthan Wives

A man in Rajasthan was arrested after locking his two wives in a car and burning them death. (Representational photo/Wikimedia Commons image)

JAIPUR — In a horrific incident, a man burned his two wives to death in a car after an argument broke out between the women while traveling together in Rajasthan's Jalore district, police said Dec. 20.

In order to hoodwink the police, accused Deeparam concocted a sob story, but ultimately confessed to the crime committed Dec. 19 in Chilatwana village. He has since been arrested.

Police said Deeparam and his two wives Malu, 27, and Dariya, 22, were going to the market along with one of his sons to buy jewelry when a verbal duel ensued. 

Already frustrated by their frequent fights, Deeparam took the car to a deserted street, doused it in petrol and set it on fire while the two women were inside, burning them alive.

Deeparam told police that while they were on way to the market, the car developed a snag, following which he got down to check. He claimed that the auto lock feature on the doors became engaged even as the car caught fire. Area villagers helped him in dousing the flames, he told policemen.

Not convinced by his narration of the incident, police quizzed passers-by and others.

A rural woman told police that one of the victims came running to her while she was working in the fields. As they were talking, Deeparam approached and then pulled her away and made her sit in the car, the village woman allegedly told police.

Deeparam then drove away and later villagers saw the car ablaze a few kilometers ahead. Area villagers rushed to the spot and tried to douse the flames with water but could not save the two women. Deeparam had, in the meantime, pulled his son to safety.

When Chitalwana police grilled him, Deeparam finally broke down and admitted to his crime. 

Deeparam, a construction laborer, said he had married the second time as his first wife was mentally challenged.

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