Navy BrahMos

A land-attack version of the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile was successfully test-fired at a land target for the first time from an Indian Naval Ship off the eastern coast, April 21, 2017. (IANS/Indian Navy photo) 

NEW DELHI — The Indian Navy April 21 successfully test-fired a BrahMos land-attack supersonic cruise missile from a naval ship.

Until now, the Navy has only fired the anti-ship version of the BrahMos.

"The Navy successfully undertook the firing of BrahMos land-attack missile from naval ship Teg, a guided missile frigate, on a target on land today," a naval statement said April 21.

The variant of the long-range BrahMos was fired in the Bay of Bengal, off the eastern coast of India, sources said.

The successful maiden firing of the BrahMos land-attack missile significantly enhances India’s naval prowess.

"The land-attack variant provides Indian warships the capability to neutralize with precision the selected targets situated deep inland, far from the coast, from stand-off ranges at sea," the Navy said.

The BrahMos missile was jointly developed by India and Russia, and its anti-ship variant has already been inducted into the Indian Navy.

The majority of Kolkata, Ranvir and Teg class frontline naval ships are capable of firing the BrahMos missile.

The BrahMos land-attack version has been operational in the Indian Army since 2007.

The BrahMos missile has a range of 290 kilometers and a Mach 2.8 speed, and can be launched from land, sea and sub-sea pads at both land and sea targets.

The BrahMos is considered the only supersonic cruise missile in the world. The missile was first inducted into the India Navy in 2005.

On March 11, India successfully test-fired the BrahMos with an extended range of 450 kilometers. Officials described it as a "textbook launch."

The Defense Research and Development Organization is developing a second version of the missile with an 800-kilometer range. Its air version is also under development.

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