• Raj Chetty.

    Study: Climbing Income Ladder Hasn’t Grown Harder

    Feb 04, 2014

    By Associated Press .
    Young Americans from low income families are as likely to move into the ranks of the affluent today as those born in the 1970s, according to a report by Harvard’s Raj Chetty and several other top academic experts on inequality.


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    The Teen Scene: What Kind of Indian Are You?

    Aug 26, 2013

    By Nitisha Baronia Nitisha Baronia
    Coming from a country with 780 languages, Indian immigrants are far from homogenous. Despite linguistic and cultural gaps, members of the Indian diaspora nearly always find a way to live in tight-knit communities.


  • Indian school children light candles as they pay tribute to the students who died from food poisoning at a government school in Bihar July 18. What if I had been a student at the school in Bihar? As the daughter of Indian immigrants, I’m bound to wonder what my life would have been like had I been born and raised in India. (Getty Images)

    Suffering Schools: Stepping into their Shoes

    Aug 01, 2013

    By Nitisha Baronia Nitisha Baronia
    As the daughter of Indian immigrants, I’m bound to wonder what my life would have been like had I been born and raised in India. Often times, the possibilities are amusing-would I have lived next to a Bollywood actor or tax collector? Could I have become a classical dancer or flute player? Would I


  • Your business trip with your boss is your opportunity to shine, so cease the moment with finesse by looking, talking, thinking and acting like a leader!

    How to Shine When Traveling with Your Boss for Business

    May 23, 2013

    By Shashi Dosaj, Special to India West .
    A business trip with your boss is a great opportunity to connect and make a favorable impression of yourself. Being well-versed in the etiquette of business travel will equip you to communicate verbally and non-verbally with ease, confidence and composure.


  • A lot of Indian American teens are told that they can either be doctors, engineers or failures.

    The Teen Scene: Beta, It’s Pronounced ‘Doctor’

    Apr 19, 2013

    By Nitisha Baronia Nitisha Baronia
    “Dad, I want to be an actor.” “No, beta. It’s pronounced ‘doctor.’” This meme has gotten quite popular — an angry Indian father telling his son that his only career option is in the medical field.


  • SAT and ACT: It's all about timing.

    ACT vs. SAT: Which is the Better Test to Take?

    Apr 18, 2013

    By Vikram Nath Sahni, Special to India-West
    There comes a time in everybody’s high school career in which they must take one of two standardized tests: the ACT or SAT. Both are viewed by colleges as one of the essential criteria for admission, and thus, every year these tests stress out millions of high schoolers and send them to prep classe


  • While at the funeral, make every effort to be respectful.

    How Well Do You Know the Do's and Don'ts at A Funeral?

    Mar 12, 2013

    By Shashi Dosaj, Special to India West .
    Having recently returned from the funeral of a beloved family member, the subject of funeral etiquette is on my mind. This is a subject we tend to avoid unless faced with it, yet it is so important to know how one should conduct oneself during this inevitable and unavoidable occasion.


  • The Teen Scene: Why Obama's 2nd Term Is Inspirational to Indian American Teens

    Feb 18, 2013

    By Nitisha Baronia Nitisha Baronia
    What do flashing cameras, red carpets, moving speeches, and amazing vocals have in common? They were all part of President Barack Obama’s second inauguration.


  • To succeed in any vocation, you need to give it your all and try your best at something you think you can excel in.

    What Links Your Interest in Engineering and The World of Olympics

    Dec 14, 2012

    By Shachi Nandan Kakkar, Special to India-West .
    People have always asked me, “Why do you want to be an engineer?" For many months, I would shrug my shoulders and my answer would be “uh-huh” because I really didn’t know why I wanted to be an engineer, until I saw the Olympics, earlier this year.


  • A checklist helps you remember something as simple as wearing a helmet when you go out to bike.

    Why Everyone Needs A Checklist to Succeed in Life

    Dec 11, 2012

    By Chad Nachiappan .
    Humans should always make a checklist to review what they need. No human is perfect and we all forget. This could be used for homework that is due, a piano recital schedule, items necessary for a trip, and the list goes on, because sometimes life doesn't offer second chances.


  • Actress Kristin Stewart (r) and actor Robert Pattison are seen here in a still from

    The Teen Scene: Can Bollywood and Hollywood Come Together?

    Nov 26, 2012

    By Nitisha Baronia Nitisha Baronia
    Combining Bollywood and Hollywood, in one way or another, is an excellent business strategy for companies that want to sell tickets to a wide range of audiences. So then the question is this - are Bollywood and Hollywood meant to be mixed?


  • It is tradition for people to illuminate their homes with lamps and colorful lights for Diwali.

    Hosting A Diwali Party? Remember to Observe The Right Etiquette

    Nov 08, 2012

    By Shashi Dosaj, Special to India West .
    Diwali ushers in a time of harvest and is always celebrated with parties and certain etiquette should be observed by both the hosts and the guests.


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