Alia Bhatt has always enticed us with her ever-evolving style. She takes risks and never goes wrong. Her fashion sense is unique, which makes her the number one choice for designers.

If your friend is getting married soon, and you are in a dilemma of what to wear and what to avoid, take some inspiration from the diva herself!

#1. Roka

Alia Bhatt Fashion

Roka is the first part of most Indian wedding celebrations. It is a small get together with close friends and family, which marks the beginning of a new relationship. A simple suit like this is perfect for such an occasion. You can wear plain pastels or light colours just like Alia.

#2. Sagan

Alia Bhatt Fashion

Sagan is the first function of all the wedding ceremonies when you meet the entire family of your friend’s in-laws. This is the time to make a statement. As Alia has done, you can wear something heavy but make it sure that you don't overdo it. Keep the hair simple and jewellery quirky.

#3. Mehendi

Alia Bhatt Fashion

These two of Alia's outfits are perfect for the mehendi. Neither are they too simple making them boring nor are they too flowy making them difficult to handle, while putting on mehendi. You can move around freely and look stylish in these.

#4. Sangeet

Alia Bhatt Fashion

You want absolute freedom to dance your heart out and with dresses like these, it is absolutely possible. With such bright colours, you will look like a diva while dancing with this flair outfits.

#5. Bachelorette

Alia Bhatt Fashion

Bring out your most unique outfit for the bachelorette party and make the world spin on your fingers. Be outrageous in your choice, after all, no one other than your girl gang will see you in that. Look your best, because 'why should boys have all the fun'!

#6. Wedding

Alia Bhatt Fashion

This is a big day for your friend as she will be going away and she would want people from her side to look the best. A single-toned or a two-toned lehenga will look great. Do not overdo anything as that might take the spotlight away from the bride, as it is her big day and she deserves the best.

#7. Reception

Alia Bhatt Fashion

Today the newlyweds will be introduced as Mr. and Mrs. to the world. Go a little western for this occasion. You can wear a young and fresh gown like Alia. Wearing western wear will be a fresh change from the usual ethnic outfits that most of the women wear.

Now you have been personally advised by the fashionista for each and every occasion, all you have to do is hit the stores and find the dresses inspired by the Alia. Good luck!

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