A New Age Media Maestro: Sandeep Khurana

Sandeep Khurana, Music Composer and TV Producer, SK Infinity World Media

A New Age Media Maestro

Sandeep Khurana

Music Composer and TV Producer, SK Infinity World Media

California-based composer and filmmaker Sandeep Khurana has a long list of achievements. His accomplishments in the field of music are numerous and his creations continue to influence and benefit the lives of people around the globe.  A versatile composer with a distinctive style, he has composed for more than 60 albums and countless productions in the genres of Western Classical Symphony Music, Romance, New Age Music, Trance, Indian Classical, World Music and Film Music. His line up of popular new age lifestyle albums on Relaxation through Music, Sound Yoga, Guided Meditations, Chakra Healing, Reiki Music now sits comfortably on iTunes’ Top 100 New Age Music charts and more than quarter million people in over 50 countries are subscribed to his music according to the artist. His music has also been part of reality shows on STAR TV and Channel V. Khurana has directed short films and produced educational videos on Yoga & Alternative Healing that have been aired on TV Channels in California and Florida. 

With a degree in Computer Engineering from the prestigious Delhi College of Engineering, followed by a career working at prominent positions in top IT companies in India, Singapore and US, Sandeep Khurana decided to give his dream a chance. He then took a break from his IT career, earned a Diploma in Film Direction, Production and TV Journalism from Asian Academy of Films and TV and studied classical music at Ali Akbar Khan College of Music in California.  In 2004, he launched SK Infinity; his dream initiative to produce meaningful music and films for people across the globe.  Sandeep’s signature sounds are mystical, with inspiring folk influences, ensemble rhythms, with subtle use of modal harmonies and western symphonies. A lot of his new age compositions blend nature sounds with lilting music captivating the listeners by their melodious richness and simplicity. 

Additionally, he is carrying forward the rich Indian Heritage of Yoga and Spiritual techniques that originated in India ages ago. His focus is not only to entertain the masses, but also to educate and empower them through his work.  His info-films on Yoga, Reiki, and Pranayama have been aired on TV and screened at festivals. Radio channels worldwide feature music from his popular albums including “The Love Philharmonic” (Rhythm & Blues), “Endless Numinous String Ensemble” (Western Classical), “Moods and Music” (World Music), “Piano Romance Love Instrumentals (R&B)”, “Yoga Philharmonic (New Age)”,” New Age Yoga Music (New Age)”, “Shiva Mantras Sacred Chants (Devotional)”, “Shri Hanuman Chalisa, Symphony of Sacred Chants (Western Harmony)” and several others.  

“I’m proud of the inspiring music and educational films I have created for people around the world. My audience has loved it; they enjoy and benefit from it at the same time, which gives me fulfillment,” says Khurana.  “I also feel happy that my New Age music is now on iTunes’ Top 100 charts, and I am proud to carry forward the Indian heritage of yoga and spiritual ways of life by spreading the awareness through my music and media.”

If he could change anything in the world, he would like to see if it was possible to bring some transformation during the times in the past, when people started disconnecting themselves from their spiritual existence, their real self, and began to focus more on materialism, which he thinks caused a lot of suffering and challenges that one finds in the world today. He suggests a paradigm shift was needed.

“I learn from everyone in one way or the other when it comes to lessons of life. For music and films, I am inspired by creations of Mozart, Beethoven, Beatles, Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson, Pancham, Steven Spielberg and Sir Charles Chaplin, to name a few,” offers this multi-faceted artist.

What is his buried secret? “Since I worked on career transition from IT to media for quite some time, there have been situations, when I have had to underplay myself or intentionally act indifferent, to keep my artist self cool, comfortable and happy,” adds Sandeep. It looks like the secret about his talent is out of the bag and people are studying this artist closely as someone to watch!



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