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One should have knowledge about medical conditions and health issues as it is very important because you need to manage your health properly. If you don’t have any knowledge then the best way to educate yourself is to ask a healthcare expert or to ask your doctor all the questions you have.  While you can get good health information at pharmacies, clinics and health centers, the internet can provide you with an array of information but it can a little difficult to find a trusted source.

These days, anyone can put up a website and post content on it. There is no proper setup which makes sure that the information provided is reliable or not. Understanding which source or information is correct is not an easy task. As you can get access to the information on health, there is a risk of misunderstanding and anybody can get a different picture based on their health issues.

When you search for health information from a lesser known online source, you should consider the following things:

  • Understand who is giving or providing the content for the information you are searching for. You can check the ‘About us’ webpage of the website and it will tell you who runs website. It can be a genuine individual or a health organization.
  • Check if the information provided by the website has an editorial board or not. You can verify if the post is written by experts in the field of medicine.
  • Look for a trustworthy medical research to verify the claims. Some websites post testimonials from random people as they might have been paid or given some free services for such kind of endorsements.
  • Always check the date of the information on which the content was posted. A post which was posted long back may be outdated. You can check the date on the top or bottom of the article.
  • Bias – if the website is recommending its own products, then you should take this into contemplation. What is the purpose of the website or who funds the website.
  • Secure – Any health information should be kept private. There are websites that request for your private information and then share those details with others without taking your permission. Many reputed websites don’t publish or share your secret information with anyone. They rather post their privacy policy on their website.

Health & Medical Support Groups

Medical support groups can help you increase your knowledge about a specific illness or an illness you are suffering from. It can help you learn how to live with you illness comfortably. You can connect to people who have similar conditions like you. It is still recommended to check with a health expert before you start with the suggested treatment. Find out if there are any kind of risks involved in stopping your previous treatment or starting with the new one.

Find out who runs or has set up the support group. If it is a government approved healthcare group or is it by a healthcare expert. There are many groups that are started by people who have gone through a medical condition and wish to help others.  Make sure that the group is not run by a pharmacological company whose aim is to promote or sell their products. Be aware of any religious ties that might try to influence the group. Not all such support groups are part of a trustworthy network.

Social media

Social media is the new way of sharing information, career interests, ideas and many other forms of expression via virtual networks and communities. We all talk about anything on social media but when it comes to discussing your medical conditions or issues with friends online, they may provide you emotional support but remember, they are experts or qualified Health professionals. They can give you advise but that may not be a reliable one. People can share their medical issues with you but they also won’t have the same medical history like you do. Each person has different needs and the treatment they receive cannot be the same like yours. Discussing or sharing your medical views with your friends on social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. will not be a proper substitute for your medical advice. Any recommended medical treatments by your friends on social media sites should be first thoroughly discussed with your doctor.

Online Websites

There are many trusted websites which cater to medicine and healthcare. You can check them for proper knowledge based on your needs. Here are some of the sites that can help in gaining information about medicines, medical conditions, treatments, cures and appointments;


Recently launched is Policybazaar Group Company. It provides online medical services which include free online doctor consultation, finding doctors and hospitals near your location, booking an appointment with a doctor or for a test. With minimalist design, the website is very user friendly and you can find any information with ease. They provide 24/7 healthcare services.


Visit is another application which lets you communicate with a doctor for free via text and address your non-emergency medical enquiries with ease. You will get instant replies on your app that you’ve downloaded on your phone. You can also make notes on the conversations you’ve had with the doctor so that you don’t have to scroll through your chat.


Medindia is one of the leading online provider of health applications, information, services for doctors, healthcare experts & professionals and consumers globally. It is ranked the No.1 in India & South Asia in terms of visits/traffic on their website. It is ranked among the top health websites in the world. It’s website has visitors from over 230 countries and also offers more than a million pages of health information which includes special reports, news, slides, articles, videos, mobile applications and more.


Another online websites which lets you connect with doctors and healthcare experts, book appointments, order medicines, view your medical records, read articles etc. You can also download their app on your phones or tabs for ease of use while travelling.

Doctor Insta

One of the best websites in India for an online doctor consultation. Based in India, it is a telemedicine startup. Doctor Insta provides its users 24x7 healthcare information through doctors. It covers a variety of specialties, which includes general medicine, psychology and gynecology. Affordable and easy access to quality healthcare is Doctor Insta’s moto


Affordable, Understandable and Accessible Healthcare to everyone what 1MG aims to complete. This pharmacy website includes buying medicines & fitness supplements, healthcare products online, booking lab tests, consulting a doctor online, latest articles on health & medicines. It has been awarded the ‘m-Billionth award’ for m-Health in South Asia.

In a nutshell!

You can search and get all the information online but make sure you verify that information with a doctor because the doctor knows best more than anyone else.

(Shruti Gupta is a writer, digital marketer and outreaching expert. She writes about technology, startups & other niches. She has contributed to a number of famous websites like Thenextweb deccanchronicle and Crazyegg. Stay tuned with her at:@shruti_gupta01 or via skype : shrutigupta2811)

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