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Soundbars, for most of the people out there, are the best way to get better sound quality from a TV. Just a brief definition about soundbars, they are simple and inexpensive, and don't even have all the frustrating wires that come with a true surround-sound system. It’s true that all the soundbars don't sound as good as true separate speakers but obviously, if you do want to listen to good music, then they are better than your TV's built-in speakers.

Types of Soundbars

You need to know that there are two major types of soundbars, which are the regular ones as well as the sound bases, also commonly known as pedestal soundbars. Both are pretty good and are a major improvement over the internal speakers of just about any TV. Still, there are major decisions to be made, for example, if you need to get a soundbar with a sub-woofer or a soundbar without it, thechoice picks the best soundbars available in India at this time.


Talking about the design, the most common one looks like a bar having long thin speakers. This can be easily wall-mounted or, more commonly, placed on the stand in front of the TV. This makes it quite a hassle-free design. Of course, there must be some minor drawbacks to it, but then that is the case with usually everything.

Sound bases are even sleeker than the more traditional bar design and the greatest advantage to it is that they act as a pedestal for your TV and as a result never block the TV's remote sensor.

HDMI Connection

For the connectivity part of it, you just need a cable to connect a soundbar with your TV, and HDMI is usually preferable. This is because the interface in this supports more audio formats than does optical, which effectively means you’ll get higher quality sound that’s more immersive with HDMI.

Some Drawbacks to See While Purchasing

Apart from limited availability, the other drawback of the pedestal design is bass, or lack thereof. Sound bases lack a separate subwoofer and struggle to produce the same kind of deep bass that traditional soundbars with subwoofers do.

Decide How Many Channels You Want

Think at first what you really need the soundbar for. If you just want to enhance your TV sound, a soundbar with 2.1 channels would be more than sufficient. But on the other hand, if you need a surround sound system, then, buy a soundbar with a subwoofer and rear speakers, so that you get a multi-channel sound.

Decide on the Placement

You need to see where you can keep it in your house, and if you have enough space to adjust one next to your television. If you'll be placing the soundbar on the TV stand, make sure there's enough room in front as well as the back. And try not taking the too tall ones as it would end up blocking the remote-control beam to the TV.

Don’t Try to Overbuy Just for the Sake of It

Soundbars are expensive, so if you only need it for your TV, then you could opt for a low priced one. In case you want it for music also, and it is the need of the hour, we recommend a model with very good sound quality. Also, check the warranty before purchase.

The Size of the Soundbar

This instrument comes in various shapes and sizes. While sometimes the larger soundbars offer more drivers and hence a bigger sound, sometimes all you might be paying for in the end paying is for longer boxes. So first see the placement in your house, mostly it’s directly below your TV, and then see what size you need to buy.

If you have a very large room, then soundbars might not really work like you want it to, and not have the full potential. For a medium space, it would work wonders.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth is the easiest way to wirelessly stream audio from your smartphone or tablet and works with any music app as well as music in your phone. If all you listen to at the end of the day is your phone, then you really want built-in Bluetooth in your soundbar.

Two-channel soundbars, to be honest don't sound much different between stereo and surround modes, especially since they might not be creating a true surround-sound experience in the first place.


Buying a soundbar is a difficult experience, and a costly one too, thus you need to take in consideration all the above factors while doing so. And if this is one thing that you really need at your place, then go ahead and purchase it right away!

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