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 Yellow is a spicy nail color. The biggest challenge for many people is the shade, because yellow can look disastrous against some skin tones. Check out the following 10 ways to rock yellow acrylic nails that will look great no matter what. 

Sunshine French 

For a fabulous twist on the traditional French manicure, instead of having white tips, paint them yellow. Get guides with curves, waves, straight lines or angles. Apply your favorite shade of sunshine over a translucent base of pink, white, cream or beige. 

Yellow Ombre 

Use a cosmetic sponge instead of line guides to create a French manicure. Paint your nails with a translucent shade that contrasts well with yellow. On the sponge, paint the bottom your base color and the top with yellow. Press the sponge onto the nail and dab it until the colors blend in the middle. 


Paint your nails as with the Yellow Ombre above, but use two contrasting, opaque colors. Take thin strips of tape or French manicure guides and vertically place two to four of them on your nail. Then, use your cosmetic sponge in a reverse position. 


Polka dots are always a good and easy way to go. Use a dotting tool, a tooth pick or any other straight stick with a rounded end and dip it into the yellow polish. Press it onto your nails to create dots. You could do the whole nail or only the tip. 


If you have a stamping kit with a checkerboard pattern, take black polish and stamp it onto yellow nails. This is the easiest way, but you can also create the same effect with a brush or a cosmetic sponge and tape. 

Leopard Print 

To create a purr-fect leopard print, paint your nails yellow. Then take a toothpick, dotting tool or small brush and create a series of random dots with natural, curvy lines to create the markings with brown or black lacquer. 


Paint your nails yellow or a yellow glitter against a contrasting shade of lacquer. Then either dip, dust or pour the glitter on. Use a fan brush to remove the excess. 


Nothing says spring and summer like bees! With black and yellow polish, create a beehive, paint single honeycombs or make little bees on your nails. 


With a brush or toothpick and white paint against yellow nails, you can create this classic flower. Put on one or many small ones to ring in spring right. 


In the event you don’t have a stamping kit with a rose pattern, you can use a toothpick or a brush and create yellow roses by applying a series of C-shaped lines from the center of an area outward. 

Mellow Yellow 

There are a myriad of things you can do to sport that lemony sunshine on your fingers. You only want to make sure the yellow pops against other colors effectively yet beautifully.  Always finish manicures with quality top coat.

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