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1.    The Classic T-Shirt and Jeans

This is an oldie but a goodie. The key to stepping this lookup is to make sure that you choose stylish jeans and wear a nice belt. Make sure to tuck a little of the shirt into the front of your jeans so that the belt clearly shows. This outfit also requires your shoe game to be on point. Make sure if you wear sneakers they are pristine.

2.    Open Button-Up Over A T-Shirt

A great way to make a t-shirt appear more stylish is by adding a layer. One way to accomplish this is by using a button-down shirt. While solid colors will always work do not be scared to try a patterned style to add a little more variety to your look.

3.    Jacket Over a T-shirt

Another way to add layers, which add depth, to a look involving a basic t-shirt is to add a jacket. A leather jacket can make a look become instantly edgier. Adding a Blue jean coat can take the look in a completely different direction.

4.    T-Shirt & Denim Shirt

While we are talking about denim, adding a denim shirt over a basic tee is also a great look. It looks great for a casual day at the park and is even a cute choice when matched with chinos to wear to brunch.

5.    T-Shirt & Jacket With Rolled-Up Sleeves

Another way that you can use a jacket to style a basic tee is by rolling the sleeves of the jacket up. You could even combine the open button-down with a jean jacket and it will create an interesting depth and layering effect when you roll the sleeves of the jacket and button-down up together.

6.    T-Shirt & a Hoodie

When you are looking for a more laid-back way to style your tee, pairing it with a hoodie is a great choice.  Solid hoodies will always give good results but never be afraid to think outside of the box. Bright colors and patterns are a great way to let your personality shine.

7.              T-shirt & Chinos

Matching a basic t-shirt with chinos is always a classic look. Choosing a v-neck tee can even make this combo look more pristine and stylish. This a great look for a day date at the park.

8.    T-shirt With a Cardigan

Pairing a basic t-shirt with a cardigan is a quick way to create a very sophisticated outfit. A cardigan is a great choice for a cool day and also makes you look like you would be at the local book store discussing your theories on humanity.

9.    T-shirt With a Blazer

Adding a blazer over a basic tee is a great way to look like you are trying while still remaining comfortable. This is always a great choice for a date night paired with a nice pair of jeans. Also, be mindful to keep your shoe game on point with this pairing.

10.    T-shirt & Shorts

This is another classic combination. In the summer you want to be cool but you also want to still be stylish. A light basic v-neck t-shirt and a pair of chino shirts will never be a bad choice for any summer activity.

Time to Make Sure You Have Plenty Of Basic Tees

Now that you know how easy it is to style a tee, you need to make sure you stock up on basic t shirts. Make sure to get a variety. You will want to choose some v-neck and some with pockets so you can add different elements to your wardrobe. Remember you do not have to be uncomfortable to be stylish. You can always make a tee and jeans look amazing. 

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