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Craigslist is an amazing platform where you can post all your classified ads totally free of cost. The website has several sections dedicated to jobs, housing, for sale or wanted items, resumes, services and many more, to help you serve greater purposes online for a greater number of people all around the place.

The website started in the year 1995 for a shorter cluster of people only for the San Francisco bay area, but soon turned into a great giant spreading its operations in almost 700 cities that are again spread into over 70 countries all over the world.

The website has helped connect people, without any geographical boundations, in several areas to get the things required and search for jobs or listings easily at the comfort of their homes.

Now, one important thing to focus while posting your ad on the website is to be creative with it so that you get as many number of good responses that you can.

To help you achieve that goal we have come up with 5 amazing ways to turn your Craigslist posts into pure amazement.

  1. 1.   Take notes
    Try to study what people are posting regularly on the website.
    Pay attention to those ads which are similar to yours so that you get the do’s and don’ts of the postings required.

    Do not make stupid mistakes that people usually make on such ads and note down every detail that has helps individuals gain more number of positive responses.

    The information they upload and the kind of tricks they apply over their ads will give you additional insights to levy up your responses in a longer run.
  2. 2.   SEO Optimization
    Always take care of the title of your ad.
    It must be relevant to what you want to do and must be appropriate to the keywords used by most people to search for things on the website.

Many people make use of filters before wanting any results and a good SEO title can be listed on the top if created smartly.

Never use all caps, as it can be a little scary to do on a classified ad.

Use the help of online free apps that would help you to create an optimal search engine title that can attract a lot of responses during search results.

  1. 3.   Post Multiple Ads
    As per Craigslist conditions, you can only create a single account using one phone number.
    Now, with one account being in service you will not be able to put up identical ads, but with the help of multiple accounts you can post more than one ad and therefore, get more number of responses.

    You need to collect some phone numbers, be it your family member’s or your friends, but getting creative is the only way you would be able to do that.
  2. 4.   Include Pictures and Links
    One thing that people love to work with, are pictures. Use a lot of them to describe your product or service or anything that requires pictures to be put up.
    This will increase the overall interest and response from various people.

    Another thing you can do is to include the link to the product page directly in the text, so that the users can browse directly and thereby, escalating the number of real responses on your ad listings.
  3. 5.   Try Craigslist Posting Services
    If you have many ads to post or are just busy to do this stuff yourself, you can be rest assured, as there are various certifies posting services dedicated completely for these services.

    The experts will help you post ads on your behalf and provide you with good responses.
    We have sorted out some of the best Craigslist posting services to help you get started with the option that suits you.
    Read about all the available options and make an informed decision that will benefit you in the long run. 

Being one of the top visited sites in all of America, Craigslist has proved to be an important marketing tool for many companies around the place and if used correctly, can turn out to be life and business saving.

Use this website to create more and more clients for your benefits or create more potential customer base for your products or services as well as potential candidates for job listing or housing listings.

The type of ad you post, speaks a lot about the kind of service you want to have with people and therefore, it becomes very important to note down such steps for future posts that will help you derive a better response rate than before.

Try to inculcate all the above suggestions and methods provided by us, to create a well formed ad that will help you get solid leads in future.

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