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Caviar is often seen as an exceptional luxury. The star hor d'oeuvre at a classy party. You might find it alluring or even intimidating. Maybe you have enjoyed caviar for years but are looking to push the boundaries of your culinary experience. Caviar is not just an appetizer anymore but can be paired in unique ways with many foods that might surprise you. Let’s look at 5 new ways to try caviar.

For Purists

Traditionally, caviar is eaten with a tiny mother of pearl spoon. This is because the metal in typical spoons can have an impact on the flavor of the delicacy. If you are someone who is nervous to get too adventurous, starting small is ideal. A lot of people simply use lightly salted crackers or toast. Another delicious option is a small wedge of lemon. You can go charcuterie style with diced onion, a variety of cheeses, and hard-boiled eggs. You can use these to scoop up the caviar or combine them together to bring out various flavors. Novelty is half the fun of caviar so let’s push it a bit further.

In A Meal

This is one garnish you will definitely want to eat! Depending on how you plate your food, you can garnish a variety of dishes with caviar. You may be familiar with its use as a garnish for foods like sushi or pasta. Adding caviar in more unexpected places is becoming popular. It’s been touted as a unique addition to burgers, scrambled or deviled eggs, roasted potatoes, and even pizza. Whatever you do, make sure you do not cook the caviar! Let the dish cool before you add the eggs or it can ruin the consistency.

As a Snack

If you enjoyed the variety of the charcuterie board or adding caviar to your meals, why not explore its potential as a snack food too? You can push beyond the plain crackers and toast and try caviar with potato chips or even parmesan chips. You can combine some ingredients like crab meat and whipped goat cheese and sprinkle the caviar on top. Cucumber is another delicious, crunchy base you can load a cream cheese or sour cream-based dip onto and top with caviar. The possibilities are endless.

A Sweet Treat

Dessert is probably the last thing that comes to mind when you think of caviar but hear me out. There is something appealing to many people about a perfectly paired sweet and salty combination. You can use a piece of fruit the same way you would use a cucumber or lemon wedge. Tiny crepes or pancakes make a wonderful base for a small piece of fruit or white chocolate topped off with a bit of caviar. Some people even sprinkle a bit over ice cream. It might sound strange but think of all the other strange food combinations that have become popular, like Elvis’s famous banana, mayo, and peanut butter sandwich. Don’t be afraid to get creative, you may stumble onto something mouthwatering.

With A Beverage

Traditionally, ice-cold vodka was the beverage of choice while enjoying caviar. These days we tend to associate it with a nice glass of champagne. Either is delicious but there are other good options too. The sweet and salty combination can carry over to beverages too by choosing a nice dessert wine. You can also take champagne a step further and make jello shots with it and sprinkle caviar on top. That is sure to get people excited at your next get together. 

Sometimes it’s nice to let caviar shine on its own, it’s certainly capable. However, don’t be afraid to get creative and use these ideas as a jumping-off point. Food is best when shared and even better when incorporated into a unique experience.

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