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 When kids get sick, it’s important to help them, especially when they have a fever.  And, although a fever between 100°F and 104°F indicates a good and strong immune system, it has to stay under control.  Anything higher than that can cause things like brain damage.  The best way to keep a fever down is to give children medicine or herbal supplements.

Kids' Pain ; Fever by Genexa

Genexa Kids' Pain and Fever medicine provides alleviation from minor aches and pains, headaches, sore throats and other symptoms.  It’s almost the same as Children’s Tylenol, but without artificial ingredients.

It comprises non-GMO constituents including purified water, organic blueberry flavor, organic citrus extract, organic agave syrup and acetaminophen.

Kids Cold ; Mucus Relief plus Echinacea by Similasan

This award-winning cough and cold medicine by Similasan has all the benefits of most over-the-counter kid’s medicines without harsh chemicals.  The constituents stimulate the body’s natural defenses and help the immune system do its job.

This has a delicious grape flavor with Echinacea and zinc without side effects.  You can use this in conjunction with traditional medicines too.  Plus, this is a daytime formula, so you can give it to your little one before they go to school.

Kids Relief Pain ; Fever Oral Liquid by HomeoLab, USA

HomeoLab’s pain reliever for children helps alleviate sore throat, headache and other symptoms associated with the common cold and flu.  It can even help soothe toothaches.  This works quickly and doesn’t contain acetaminophen, sugars or dyes.

The cherry-flavored formulation has no side effects, drug interactions or possibility of overdose.  It contains things like arnica, ferosoferric phosphate, St. John’s wort, white cedar, wild rosemary, purified water and citric acid.

4 Kids Pain Relief by Hyland’s

Hyland’s has a good and trusted homeopathic product for kids to relieve all the symptoms associated with colds and flu.  Their 4 Kids Pain Relief can alleviate headaches, back pain, joint pain, stiffness, muscle aches, toothaches and so much more.

This medicine contains good herbals like aconitum, arnica, bryonia, pulsatilla, citric acid and purified water.  These are all the traditional homeopathic ingredients proven to fight colds and flu for centuries.

ColdCalm Kids Liquid Doses by Boiron

For a homeopathic cold and flu remedy for children as young as six months or older, try Boiron’s ColdCalm for kids.  It alleviates runny noses, nasal congestion, sneezing and other common cold symptoms.  This is free of sugar, artificial sweeteners, lactose, dyes and flavoring.

It’s a medicine that contains only natural, safe and effective ingredients.  This has things like onion, honey, pulsatilla, boneset, nux vomica and others that will have your little angel feeling better in no time.

Helping Your Kid’s Fever

There are many pharmaceuticals on the market.  But, with so many questionable ingredients, it’s important to know which ones are safest and most effective.  Going with the treatments here will help mitigate the confusion and allow you to make an informed and confident decision.

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