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With the world developing and advancing at a fast rate, the need of various commodities for survival have increased proportionally. In fact, the needs of us humans are increasing at a rate much faster than the development rate. And because of this increase in needs, numerous solutions have come up for the aid.

When these needs started, the houses selling these items in return of money started and they were named shops. For a very long time now, we have been visiting various shops or stores to get our required stuffs every now and then. And visiting shops physically to get items has been a long running process.

But as said earlier, the developing world has brought some changes. People have now shifted to shopping online rather than going to the shops themselves! Online shopping is now a fast growing business and with the pros it offers, there is no question about it. In fact, studies show that about 37% of customers have shifted to online shopping within the last three years!

Online shopping has some really great features to offer which are making it more prioritised as compared to shopping in stores. So, do you want to know the reasons why you should start shopping online as well? Well, there you go –

1. It Keeps You Away From Irritating Crowds

Offline shopping is far more hectic and pressure free than its counterpart. There are people who do not like crowds at the shopping centres. Shopping centres are sure to attract a lot of customers and you are going to find a heck lot of people every time!

But online shopping just aids that. Through this, you are sitting at home comfortable and buying anything you need. No crowd, no irritation! When you physically visit a store, you may have to wait in line for payment, you may have to wait before trying out your selected stuff and many more! And through online shopping, you can get rid of all these cons. You can order whatever you want and can try at home and return them if you don’t like! Sorting at home and shopping online will keep you away from the irritating crowds and thus you can go through your preference in peace.

2. Offline Shopping Is Expensive

This is a hard but real truth! Offline shopping is far more expensive than online one. And there are reasons why this happens.

Offline shops undergo a complex process before they are good to sell products. They have to first select their preferred product and then finalise then before ordering. The products have to be purchased from the wholesalers who charge a lot of money for these. And then comes the shipping charges as the wholesaling factories may be located anywhere in the world. Such a complex process makes the items costly. But online dealers either get the items from their trusted s who don't charge much money or produce the goods themselves! They also offer various discount offers and vouchers! Online shopping is so good! Moreover purchasing products in bulk is an amazing way to save your hardly earned money. Some of you may wonder that How buying the products in bulk from online stores can help you. But you will be surprised once to give it a go.

3. It Is Time-Consuming and Limited In Varieties

Yeah, shipping in stores is a lot more time consuming and lengthy. Whenever you plan to buy something, you have some choices in your mind. And when you go out, you have to visit various stores for purchasing something. You have limited time but you have to go to a numerous number of stores to look for your preference. And this consumes a heck lot of time. And there is no guarantee that you will get your specific product as well!

Offline stores have a limited variety available with them. They finalise a few of the varieties available in the market and sell them. Hence you will not get everything!

4. It Doesn't Offer Review Analysis

One of the biggest disadvantage of offline shopping is the lack of reviews from customers. A review is something which is a great help to you before buying something. When customers use a product from a specific store, they have a review regarding the same. Whether it is good or bad is something the users can tell!

But in stores, these users aren't present to offer you their help. Whatever you buy depends upon your luck! But in online websites, customers get to post their reviews and you can easily go through them before buying something!

5. Compulsive Shopkeepers Are A Real Pain

Compulsive Shopkeepers are those who can be a real pain for you when you go out to buy something. Whenever you are out to buy something, you surely have a plan of your expenditure and your items. But most often it happens that the shopkeepers make you spend more than what you have planned.

May it be their wit it their cunning talent, but somehow we end up buying something we never need! So these compulsive shopkeepers can be real trouble in the stores and shops.

So these were some basic disadvantages of shopping offline in stores and shops! I think these are enough for you to search to online marketing!

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