Vehicle tracking is existing for more than a decade but only got its market reach in the last few years. It is an advanced technology that combines the location of a vehicle with a software interface displaying data, which is later used to make informed decisions. Location is usually shared with the help of GPS radio-navigation systems, which are specially installed in advanced tracking devices. Since the inception of technology in this area, advanced GPS tracker in India has also seen a surge in its market value. It is effectively being deployed in fleet management systems, although it offers the same advantages for personal car owners as well.

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 A GPS tracker in India is helping businesses streamline their processes as it provides many beneficial features. As the device is connected to a smartphone app, it makes the entire process easy of locating the vehicle or getting relevant details. Advanced GPS tracker in India offers many features that are not known to many people due to a lack of information.

Here’s the list of such features offered by a GPS tracker in India:

  1. 1.      Geofencing and Real-time Alerts

An advanced GPS tracker in India offers a geofencing feature where you can define the boundary for moving your vehicle. If breached, the device will send you immediate alerts via texts or emails. It is especially beneficial for fleet business. It further helps you gain insights into any unauthorized trips taken by your driver and make an informed decision. Advanced GPS tracker in India also sends alerts for other parameters like over speeding, running idle engine & AC, long halts, and start and stop of the trip.  

  1. 2.     SOS Feature

It is only available in advanced GPS tracker in India as it requires a calling facility. Some trackers that are 4G enabled offer this facility of emergency calling in the absence of any network. It is an essential feature in modern-day safety against risky situations, especially for securing vehicles during late-night hours.  

  1. 3.     Face recognition

It is the feature made available by KENT CamEye, a renowned vehicle security device, that offers facial recognition facility. The device has a dual-camera feature, which lets you stay updated on your vehicle’s inside and surroundings. The artificial intelligence-based facial recognition facility will send you updates in case of an unknown person sitting on the driving seat.  

  1. 4.     Trip History

Every GPS tracker in India offers this essential feature. Trip history is either stored in the device’s memory or the card, which you can access anytime to get entire information on a particular trip. It will give you the total time taken to reach the destination and the time when it started and stopped. You can also watch the recorded videos in case of an advanced GPS tracker in India.

  1. 5.     Live-location Tracking

Another common feature available in GPS tracker in India, which helps you know the live location of your vehicle. As the device is connected to your phone, you can access it anytime to stay updated on the accurate location of your vehicle any time throughout the day or night. You can also ensure the safety of your vehicle and precious goods in it.

GPS Tracker in India: The Need of the Hour

No matter what type of vehicle you own for your business, its safety remains the primary concern. GPS tracker in India is rising in demand due to the same reasons. It offers many benefits to its users and is sure to raise the safety bar by a notch. Reliable GPS tracker in India like KENT CamEye offers many advanced features that provide all-round security. Some of its many features are two-way calling, AI-based alerts and facial recognition, geofencing, a dual-camera setup, and live-streaming. It is available online on Amazon and Flipkart to buy. You can also book your free home demo on its official website.

Raise the security of your vehicle and get the device delivered to your doorstep.

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