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With your goal of finding your first client, you should consider both traditional and new techniques of generating leads. The tried and tested methods help you build your business on solid foundations and the new techniques keep you up to date with the current trends in real state lead generation. Here are five ways in which you can find new leads for your business. 

1 Focus on a niche

There are a variety of niches that you can focus on: you can become a specialist in historic homes, luxury homes, certain neighborhoods, student housing, vacation homes, commercial real estate, land, etc. Take some time to research your interests, so you have a better idea of which niche you should choose. Focusing on one niche at a time will also allow you to concentrate your marketing efforts on one area instead of dividing your time and attention among many. 

If you want to specialize in a certain neighborhood, for example, talk to local experts and the community about the crime rate, environment, history and progression of real estate there. If there are one or two particular houses in the neighborhood that have caught your attention, use a people search engine like Nuwber to find out more about that location. Nuwber can show you the contact information of people living in that neighborhood, so you can directly connect with them. 

2 Use social media for marketing and leads

Big data analytics has taken online marketing to the next level. Social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn have information about people including their interests and location, and these social networks have a number of groups about various topics. The budget of marketing on social media is also considerably less compared to other forms of promotion. Besides paid marketing, you can also use social media to your advantage by joining relevant groups and pages. 

Find a group that relates to your niche and location and become a valuable contributor there. Once you have built a reputation there as an active member, discuss business with interested prospects. Social media groups are also useful for building your brand. You can use them to promote your website, inform about events you will be attending, share useful articles you have on your blog or that you have found on other blogs.

3 Develop a process

Once you are confident about how you will generate leads, develop a process that you will follow. Developing a process allows you to streamline your lead generation. Create templates that you will use in your marketing campaigns, define criteria for delegating tasks, and a communication plan for communicating with clients. 

4 Go where the people go online 

These days most buyers go online to search for their dream home before they contact an agent. According to a National Association of Realtors (NAR) report, 90% of home buyers search online. NAR also reports that looking online for properties was the first step for 44% of recent buyers while contacting an agent was the first for only 16% of buyers. 

Property listers like Zillow are top of the tree when it comes to online listings. The website also provides multiple options for advertising. The My Agent feature with their premier advertising option shows your contact information on every listing your lead looks at on Zillow after they contact you. YouTube is also popular among homebuyers, according to a NAR report. Consider making some content for uploading to the video streaming platform as well.

5 Host educational events 

Educate your community by holding educational events there. Inform them about the current market trends and explain the reasons behind those trends. Thirty-three percent of home buyers are first-time buyers, according to NAR; walk community members through the home buying process. You can do these events on your own or collaborate with a local business to attract more people. Also, you have options for how you arrange the educational event: if you don't have the budget or time to arrange an event in the neighborhood, you can connect with the community through an online seminar. 

6 Make full use of signage

Besides being informative, signs can be useful in generating interest. A “Coming Soon” sign, for example, can help you create excitement about the home even before it’s available for purchase. The “Sold” sign is also a trusted marketing tool: it helps you attract those people who were interested but missed out.

Real estate agents need to have a strong connection to the community to generate leads. These tips will hopefully help you get started on the right track.

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