There was a time when we used to hear from our parents about how they would spend a lot of time referring to several catalogs and magazines of design to finalize their kitchen décor. Then comes the process of selecting the right carpenter who is supposed to be quite skillful as they can turn your requirement into reality. Then comes about the bargaining of the price, then completion of cabinets so that it looks much cozier. 

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One of the primary things to decide about the price of the kitchen accessories is the quality and material used. There are various options to choose along with aspects like budget, scale, use of space, etc. Larger space has fewer limitations as compared to small space regarding the furniture installations. In the case of small spaces, the furniture installed must fulfill the functional aspect so that it helps to increase the décor value so that your cooking becomes a joyful experience.

 In today’s time, most people tend to use modular kitchen designs and act as a good alternative because of the efficient storage facilities and user-friendly usage. But though this type of kitchen is trending in present days still many myths have been associated with the same. But to avoid confusion, let’s be clear that all are not true.

 Myths about the Latest Modular Kitchen

Myth 1- Usage of low-quality material

Different kinds of materials are used in modular kitchens and also most of them are imported in India from various renowned companies. The misconception is that these materials are of inferior quality for making the furniture and can only be used under specific machinery and tools available in specialized factories.

In this type of kitchens, if the materials are used using simple or basic tools by the carpenters, it will break very easily and cannot then be rectified like traditional kitchen furniture. Also, the material used in these modern kitchens are durable and blocks the entry of several alien agents and prevents the deterioration of the accessories.

Myth 2- Accessories are not strong or durable

You invest a lot of money in the quality of modular kitchens.Most people tend to compare teakwood furniture and MDF made furniture because of its durability and strength. It is obvious that on those shelves you won’t overboard it so why do you need to worry? If your new modern kitchen is not installed properly then you may find a problem. Make sure you put the screws properly to install the cabinets that are different from the traditional form of cabinets. Due to a lack of knowledge related to installation people tend to think so. 

Myth 3- Suppliers do not give proper service support

You need to understand that the carpenter cannot provide you an instant service once you call them as they have a team of helpers. But for professional modular kitchens, manufacturers can provide you instant technical support as well as after-sales services because they considered being a service-based industry as well. There are stipulated staff who regularly look after these queries with several brands for all kinds of situations and hassle-free. 

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Myth 4- Place for growing Insects and Cockroaches

There is no scope to install modular kitchens in dark or inaccessible corners as these kitchens are organized in a better way with pull-out systems. This system helps people to clean the kitchen in a better way. No matter what kind of furniture you buy, in any dark corner of your house you will get these insects if not cleaned properly. This type of space should not be considered to install such important furniture. 

Myth 5- Cannot be customized once installed or dismantled

Many clients want to relocate their modern kitchens easily without any hassle or worries and this is a tough task to do with standard size cabinets. The module which needs to modify or customized can be done without dismantling the entire kitchen. Thus, it can be done with the updates accessories as when required with proper comfort.

Myth 6- This type of kitchen do not hold resistance to moisture

There are different qualities of the wood used to wrap any furniture. Generally, all kinds of wood no matter whether it is regular or dry wood can be used here. Generally, different kinds of water-resistant boards can be used which are good and both resistant to water and moisture. Even the common use of material for furniture in the kitchen can be of plywood and they are long-lasting too. 

Myth 7- Modular kitchen is only for elite class

This type of kitchen is only meant for elite class, but this is a misconception. As, you can also install this kind of kitchen at an affordable place with proper research. 

Nowadays, most people use minimal furniture to save their kitchen space. Modular furniture or kitchen will help you to fulfill your requirements so you need to believe the truths behind the myths so that you can also be part of the emerging trends. 

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