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Choosing the right colour can either make or break your marketing efforts. According to research, 75% of the decisions made by consumers are based on colour. Choosing the right colour can be the difference between an interested customer and a potential one. The proper colour combinations can enhance the look of your marketing collateral. These colour combinations are proven to attract more customers than ever before. 

Black & White

Neutral colours are always the safest choice for smart and elegant. They give a sophisticated clean look and they are perfect to highlight the architecture of the building. Choose black and white for an edgy and superior look. 

Red & Grey

A popular choice for different types of businesses, red and grey present boldness with firmness. Red is the colour of power and boldness while grey is sombre and calm. The combination gives a smart look that strikes out visually. 

Vibrant exterior house paint ideas to make your building more attractive and inviting. 

Navy Blue & White

These are academic colours that always exude confidence and comfort. Painting your exteriors with navy blue and white gives a smart look with a vibrant colour scheme and excellent composure. Your customers will feel secure with your trustworthy appearance. 

Mustard Yellow & Green

Yellow and green is a quirky and vibrant combination. These cheerful colours can totally set the vibe of ant space. Having mustard yellow and green as exteriors can give a creative look to your exteriors. It is perfect for creative offices and restaurants as well. 

Sage Grey & Black

Grey and black are absolutely the colours to evoke bold superiority. Sage grey has a calming and comforting vibe and it is perfectly accentuated with black to give a hard-core look. Use this combination for your offices to give a self-composed and smart look. 

Check out these brilliant exterior wall paint colour combinations by wall painting experts. 

Blue & Yellow

Yellow is always a positive, happy colour perfect to attract attention from everyone. Blue is a smart, serene colour and you can use a variety of shades according to your requirements. Blue and yellow give the perfect combination to express trust with an edge of creativity. 

Go Multicoloured

Instead of restricting yourself to two or three colours, it is also great to go multicoloured at times. Use a rich colour palette to express your creativity and edginess of the firm. You can also try abstract art and graffiti walls to represent the ethos of your brand and engage with your audience.

 Use these inspirations and create something amazing today with expert painting services and your own creative edge!

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