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The game of bingo is a pastime of luck, pure and simple. If you are going to win, you will win – there is nothing you can do to influence the outcome of any game, whether is played at your local hall or at one of the best bingo sites you can find on BingoFind. To win, you simply buy your ticket(s) and sit back and hope that lady luck is on your side. There are several claims to being able to beat the system, but only if you pay for a strategy – don’t be fooled by such a gimmick, because at the end of the day, if there was a way to win all the time, don’t you think all these gambling institutions would be bust by now? 

From black cats to lucky horseshoes, sitting in someone else’s bingo seat to specific numbers, the world is full of some pretty strange superstitions when it comes to bingo, but they have nothing on this lot! But how many of the following weird superstitions from across the globe have you heard of? 

#1 - India 

Cutting Your Nails at Night! In India, there are several grooming-related superstitions and every single one of them point to it being bad luck to cut your nails at night. Why? The reasoning behind this one is simple; it is to stop people from injuring themselves in low light. 

#2 - Russia 

Bottling It. In Russia, the practice of placing empty bottles on the ground is common with a whole country believing that this will eventually bring good luck. This one dates back to a 19th century legend involving Russian soldiers. The country is ripe with superstitions and you can learn more about the most intriguing one here

#3 – Brazil and China 

Leaving it Behind. In Brazil, they believe it is bad luck to leave your wallet or purse on the ground. Well, one would have thought so, especially when someone could make off with the contents! But it is not only the Brazilians who have this mindset; the Chinese believe in the very same too and have even coined a special phrase to this very fact, one that translates to “a purse on the floor is money out the door.” 

#4 – Germany 

Watery Outcome! In Germany, residents strongly believe a toast made with water will lead to death. Other countries generally toast with champagne, so why on earth would anyone want to toast to good health with water! 

#5 – Rwanda 

You Must be Kidding! Local folklore in Rwanda has resulted in women turning down goat meat and the reason? It is alleged goat meat causes facial hair growth in women, as well as advanced stubbornness. 

#6 – South Korea 

Not a Fan? South Koreans are very superstitious with many a symbol reflecting good luck, but this one is more to do with bad luck. They believe sleeping in a closed room with a fan running will lead to hypothermia, loss of water in the body and eventually asphyxiation – also referred to as fan death. 

#7 - Spain 

Final Countdown! New Year’s Eve, the one night of the year everyone gets together to celebrate. As the countdown to midnight begins, partygoers fill their glass and get ready to toast the new year, but in Spain, instead of drinking champagne, they would traditionally stuff 12 grapes into their mouth at the stroke of midnight! Talk about a choking hazard! 

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