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We all know and love the classic bean bag chair and its new, cooler cousin, the bean bag bed. Who wouldn’t love this retro staple? A bean bag is comfy, super casual, and just so darn cool. It shows that you don’t have to try to be awesome, you just are. 

If you’re a fan of the bean bag like we are, you may find yourself lounging on it on lazy Sunday afternoons with your favorite pup. But have you ever considered getting them their very own bean bag just for them? If you answered yes, there is a solution out there for your chill dog. It’s called a bean bag dog bed, and it just might be the coolest thing ever.

A Comfortable Resting Pad for Your Best Friend

We’ve all heard that saying before, and though it is a cliche, it rings true. Our pets are there for us through thick and thin, they always seem to know how to cheer us up, and they make the best running buddies. Plus, they always seem so happy to see you every single time you walk in the door, and that’s pretty awesome. 

Your dog is always there to comfort you, so why wouldn’t you want to offer them the same comfort in return? A high-quality bean bag dog bed provides a nice cushiony surface for them to rest their weary paws at the end of a long day of playing and naps. 

The polyurethane foam pieces provide superior support and comfort to the regular old fiberfill dog beds that you’re used to, making this dog bed a comfy place for them to rest on the off chance they don’t want to snuggle in bed with you.

Match it to Your Own Bean Bag

This one is for those of us who might have gone so far as to get matching pajamas with our pups. 

If your dog is your best friend, why not get them a bed of their own that matches yours? Getting them a bean bag dog bed that is identical to your own bean bag bed will show that your pup really is your best friend.

Safe Technology that Prevents Harm

If you’ve been reading this with the fear of those horror stories of kids choking on tiny beads from the beanbags of yesteryear, fear no more. These bean bag dog beds are made from polyurethane foam that has been cut into random shapes, meaning it’s both durable and prevents choking. 

For added safety, these dog beds are made with heavy-duty, highest quality material and a special zipper that your dog won’t be able to tear apart. This also comes in handy if you want to take some of the stuffing out if your pet doesn’t like their bed too firm.

Stylish and Cool

If you’re not sold on the practicality and comfort alone, let’s throw you a bone here (ha). The looks. 

These bean bag dog beds are simplistically stylish and cool-looking, making them the most aesthetically pleasing option out there. You can pick out the colors that go best with the rest of your decor to make your dog’s bed look like it fits in right with the rest of the furniture.

The Best Option for Your Dog

As you can see, there are quite a few things that make these bean bag dog beds stand out from the crowd. Between effortlessly cool style, next-level comfort and durability, and safety features that keep your best friend out of harm’s way, a bean bag dog bed is simply the best option for that special pup in your life.

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