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The A+ bundle practice test suite will help you in the preparation of CompTIA’s A+ 220-1001 and 220-1002 Core exams. This is an exceptionally comprehensive as well as a complete practice test offering. All the A+ question types are represented in the CertBlaster A+ suite practice tests. 

There are several videos provided for a quick review of the main aspects of CertBlaster for the preparation of A+. 

What is included in the A+ Exam Simulator?

 There are a thousand numbers of A+ Practice Test questions, and answers with explanations that include performance-based and in-simulator based questions. 

The following points are about the certification magazine product overview. 

  • 3 User Modes – The three types of modes are Study, Certification, and Assessment. With the help of this, you have to generate your custom Personal Testing Plan (PTP) or each practice test. It provides you with the overall grade and grades per exam objective.
  • Two-Year License – There is a license provided to each person for unlimited individual use. If you can have only one session at a time, then it’s for multiple devices. You may be able to use your CertBlaster on your office machine, at home, and even on the library equipment.
  • Periodic Updates – We usually do quarterly updates that are propagated to your CertBlaster live in real-time to sync with the very latest questions. It’s also used to keep or maintain the content up to date.        
  • 9 Focus Drills – Each of the drills reciprocates the tone of the nine CompTIA Main Domains for these exams. Therefore, you can focus on the areas where you need to work.
  • 8 Full A+ Exam Simulations – The exam has the same number of questions and can be given at the same time as the real-time exam. This aids in taking exams in the comfort of your home.

 Reasons to Choose the A+ Practice Test Bundle: 

Here are the reasons why we need to choose the A+ Practice Test Bundle. These are described in the following points: 

  • Here, all the seven exam question types are covered the CompTIA that includes on the A Plus exam.
  • Here, you have a thousand numbers of exceptionally comprehensive questions which are suitable for A+ Practice Test Suite.
  • Here, the students are provided with an exceptional First Try Guarantee of success at the A+ exam. It must be useful for your success. For which, our test engine is modeled after CompTIA. It ensures that you will be ready for the exam.

 Objectives of A+ Exam for 220-1001-Core 1 and 220-1002 Core 2:  

The main objectives for the A Plus 220-1001 Core 1 exam are MoI Network Troubleshooting and Hardware Networking. The exam associated with this judges your knowledge of configuration, installation, and maintenance of the hardware. For this exam, you only require a basic knowledge of networking. 

A person also has the ability to diagnose as well as troubleshoot hardware problems or malfunctions. On the other hand, the ultimate objectives of A Plus 220-1002 Core 2 exam are the operating systems such as Windows, Linux, along with the technologies like Software Troubleshooting, Operational Procedures, and Security, etc. 

Here, this exam tests your knowledge of configuration, installation, and a migration path for the Operating Systems. Here, it’s required to have the necessary knowledge in security, and mobile devices setup as well as configuration. The most important objective is Troubleshooting.

 Therefore, you have to understand all the mechanisms along with the methodologies of the Troubleshooting.

About the A+ Credential: 

The CompTIA A Plus exam is considered the most successful vendor-neutral entry-level IT Professional exam. The CompTIA A+ 220-1001 Core 1 exam is fully dominated on hardware knowledge, whereas the CompTIA A+ 220-1002 Core 2 exam focuses more on software knowledge. 

It covers the fundamentals of computer technology like the configuration of the PC as well as a laptop, installation, basic networking, and the related hardware. It tests the security, networking, and the fundamentals of computer technology as well as the communication skills required for all entry-level IT professionals. 

About CompTIA Recertification:  

Many certificates like CompTIA A+, Security+, Network+, etc. will be valid for three years from the certified date of the candidate. After three years, the renewal will be required.

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