Amjyot Singh is continuing to defy all odds and make his mark in the NBA. Most professional ball players from India do not make it to America; however Singh has completed his goal and made the transition from the Tokyo League to the NBA. 

After treading water for all these seasons, the 28-year old concluded his first season in the NBA with the Boston Celtics organization. The 6-foot-8 forward has definitely put in the work to make it to this point, which is why his nation should be proud. 

Stumbling Across Greatness 

Singh began his athletic career playing cricket, which is considered the most popular spot in India. In high school, an injury forced him to play cricket for about three months. As the recovery time mounted, Singh began to develop a love for basketball. At the age of 15, he was going to play basketball for the first time. 

It didn’t take long for Singh to figure out how to dominate nearly all aspects of the game. By the age of 16, the India national team felt they had struck a winning hand of poker with three cards. Singh was promoted to the country’s 16U team and eventually made the prestrious Ludhiana Basketball Academy in Ludhiana, Punjab. This was where some of the best basketball players played from India.


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Going Pro 

In 2010, Singh led Punjab to a junior national basketball championship as the captain. One year later, his high school defeated qualified for the Bhagat Singh Punjab Games Championship. However, Singh led the senior team to a championship and was selected to play in the India Basketball All-Star showcase. 

Singh faced adversity from 2013 to 2014 due to certification issues and a nose fracture. However, Singh was able to turn professional in 2015, where he signed a one-year contract with the Tokyo Excellence of the National Basketball Development League. 

This led to playing with his former Hyogo teammate in Armriptal Singh. At the time, the two joined the Excellence at the same time. The duo of Singh became the first Indian men’s players to play in a professional basketball league outside of India. In his first season, Singh averaged 18.0 points, 10.0 rebounds, and four blocks per game. 

Singh briefly spent time with the Delhi Capitals, but came to American in 2018. He signed with the Oklahoma City Blue, and then played for the Wisconsin Herd in 2019. However, his time with the Herd was highly scrutinized after he received a one-year ban for a brawl during training camp. 

Making History With The Celtics 

After making an impact in the NBA G-League, Singh was signed by the Celtics in 2020. At the time, he talked about how his parents had backed up his dreams to pursue making the best basketball league in the world.Singh has not made an appearance for the Celtics in the pros and will likely be regulated to the team’s G-League team. However, in a sport that does not see much talent from India, Singh’s perseverance is incredibly impressive.

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