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Trying to achieve the latest trend in eyebrows can be extremely frustrating for individuals that were not blessed with thick brows. Luckily some products and procedures can be done to help anyone achieve beautiful natural-looking thick eyebrows. 

A popular beauty procedure people are having performed to achieve this trend is microblading. This process involves a trained professional tattooing single eyebrow hairs to make your prows appear naturally fuller. This process can give great results but is very painful and sometimes results in permanent skin damage.

Get Brows That Look Microbladed Without Any of the Risk

There is an easy way for you to achieve the look that microblading provides by using these eyebrow pens…

●      TatBrow Microblade Pen

This eyebrow pen has a felt tip that features 4 prongs. This allows you to mimic the appearance of 4 individual brow hairs with each quick and short stroke. The microblade pen tatbrow contains a uniquely formulated ink that drys quickly and will stay in place all day.  This brand offers 6 different shades and even offers gray as an option.

●      Benefit Brow Microfilling Brow Pen

This eyebrow pen is essentially designed the same way as the Tatbrow Microblade pen and will be used in the same fashion. This brand only offers 4 different shade options and their ink formula tends to smear easily. Make sure that you give this one time to dry and apply setting powder.

●      Ciaté Microblade Brow

This Brand comes with a hefty price tag and only available in 3 different shades. This means very few people will be able to achieve natural results with this brand. The ink formula in this brand takes a long time to set and dry so be careful when you are applying it. This eyebrow pen tends to get over-saturated at the tip so be careful.

●      TatBrow Micro Precision Pen

This other eyebrow pen option offered by TatBrow also includes the same great ink formula as the Microblade Pen. This one also offers 6 different shade options. This one also comes in grey which gives women with grey hair a natural-looking option to use. 

This eyebrow pen has a unique design and only features a single fine point. This allows you to have more control as you place each individual hair. If you are the type of person that worries about the placement of every hair, you will want to invest in this eyebrow pen so that you can be more precise with the placement of your brow hairs.

How to Use Your New Brow Pen

Once you choose the brow pen that is best for you, it will be easy for you to master using it. You will want to take the pen and make quick small strokes to fill in your eyebrows. You also want to make sure you are making your strokes in the same direction as all the other eyebrow hairs in the area you are filling in. Take your time and add a little at a time so that you do not overfill you are still wanting to achieve a natural look.

Practice Makes Perfect

Be patient with yourself and you will master using your microblading eyebrow pen quickly. Before you know it you will be a complete pro add achieving the perfect shape and everyone will want to know your secret. There is no need to go through the painful procedure of micro-blading and risk getting permanent skin damage. 

There is no reason to take a chance on that procedure when you can get the same results with no risk. It is time for you to order you new eyebrow pen today so that you can get started on the road to mastering this new tool and enjoying your new perfect thick and natural-looking eyebrows.

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