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Messaging is the best way of communication between two people. It has been changed from the last few years as new applications are introduced in the IT market for sending text messages. Many companies are offering the cloud solutions to store all the details of your messages including content, date and time and sender mobile number. AT&T also offers a backup service for your messages named ATT backup and sync service, which is available for all the customers of the organization. It is a wireless service at zero cost.

 AT&T Message backup and Sync Service: 

An option to have a backup of your messages is available on the official website of AT&T or with bill details. Another possible solution to read messages is to install the application on your smartphone, which is available in play store with the name AT&T Message App. This application will start the backup of messages and pictures for 3 months in the cloud. Customers can log in in the application on AT&T smartphone and they can log out at any time under the settings option. 

Data uploaded in the cloud can be downloaded on a mobile or computer from the website. After a specified period, messages will be deleted from the cloud but not from mobile. A special AT&T message application is designed to send and receive messages on tablets. They can also view, send or receive messages in a browser using a link at The appearance of messages on the system is in the same way as in smartphones. AT&T messaging app provides additional features and it is also secure as the holder is not authorized to check text messages online at&t of other members.

 Fetch records of Cell phone texts: 

AT&T message app is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems. It is supporting all the Android versions above 2.3.3 or higher than that or tablet with android version 3.0.1 or higher.

 Steps to use AT&T messaging App:

 Install the AT&T application and log in to it using your credentials. You can install the application from the Google app if your device is compatible with it.

  1. Text messages history is available under the option of conversation history and it can be clubbed according to the sender type. All the text messages not older than 90 days are available on the cloud. 

Fetching of records using AT&T Messages Back up and Sync:

Validate your device for the latest version of the application.

  1. Under Settings, an option is available with the name “Back up and Sync”. You need to enable the option to start the cloud backup of your messages.
  2. You can download the messages from the website on your system or mobile using your credentials.

 Read the text messages online:

 When you are away from your device and need to check the messages on an urgent basis. Based on your device type and an internet connection, the visibility of your messages may vary. Few devices allow you to read the content of the messages, but others enabled you to check the logs only.

 View messages on T-Mobiles:

 T-Mobile gives you the freedom to check the logs of the text messages which include information such as date of time, sender information and location for incoming and outgoing messages. It does not offer any interface to check the content of the messages.

 View Messages from Verizon Application:

It is a mobile application compatible with android, apple, and windows. It allows customers to harmonize text messages on tablets, computer systems, smartphones, and smartwatches. It is a wireless service available to all the customers without additional charges. Messages are available on version websites and you can make calls from tablets or smartwatches. 

Set Up AT&T Credentials:

To get access to your message repository, it is mandatory to have user id or access code. It is a one-time activity to generate a unique pin code to verify your identity and you can use it on multiple devices without doing the registration process over and over. Step by step guide is given below: 

  1. Open the home page of the official webpage and use the option “create one”
  2. Fill the online form with basic details such as phone number, name, pin code, city, and other important information. The system will verify all the details by sending a one-time pin code on your system.
  3. Enter the code on the screen in the validation code box and a new pop up will appear on the screen where you can create your username with password.
  4. Select the security question and answer them, click on save. The terms and conditions page will appear on the screen.
  5. Click on the Finish button and the registration process is complete. 

You can use this pin code and password to login on any supported device. In case of any issue in generating the credentials, you can take help from the online helpline.

 Steps to read text on the AT&T website: 

  1. Log in to your online account and if you don’t register for the service. You can do it with your mobile number and after validation, you will get the account details on your device.
  2. Click on “My AT&T tab” on the website’s homepage and, select the “Messages and Email” from the left sides of the menu.
  3. Feed your mobile number and select the service as “wireless”.
  4. Data tab will be visible on your screen, click on it and you can see all the audio messages in your AT&T account. 

Dedicated online call and chat support are available for the customers. In case, you are installing the SIM of other service providers in your AT&T mobile it will ask for an unlocking pin that you can purchase from unlocking service or from AT&T center.

AT&T also offers a google voice online platform. If you are using the AT&T smartphone, you can get your messages using the google voice phone number. An added advantage of this facility is to track the monthly usage of the text messages. AT&T also provides an overview of messages in a detailed bill.

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