Covid-19 has undoubtedly brought many changes to our lives in a short time. Terms like social distancing and lockdown now seem to have become a never-ending reality of our lives. We now find ourselves at home 24*7, in our comfy clothes and messy looks. No doubt that all of this is for our good, but we’re sure that some of you miss dressing up and keeping up with the fashion trends. In summers, we probably get to dress our best and also accessorize it with quirky eyewear options available such as glasses with wayfarer frames, cat-eye and others.


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However, once the lockdown gets lifted, you will be able to move out while strictly adhering to preventive guidelines. One of the essential safety guidelines is that you will be required to follow is to wear a mask. To go a step further, you must also cover your eyes to minimize risk. Therefore, you must choose an eyewear option that protects your eyes and also gives you a fresh and fashionable look.

To help you with balancing fashion and eye health, here we have listed a few wayfarer frames are you may find suitable:

  1. 1.      Unique Blue

Unless any antidote for the Covid-19 virus is found, it will continue to be a threat. One of the ways through which the virus may spread is through touching the face or eyes. Therefore, the doctors recommend not touching the face often. If you shield your eyes with eyewear, the chances of you touching them will be less. This translucent blue wayfarer frame can be a refreshing pair of spectacles for you as it helps you look fashionable while offering you protection at the same time. You can pair this wayfarer frame with casual as well as formal clothes.

  1. 2.      Matchless Black

If you want to solidify your fashion quotient, then this classic black eyewear from the wayfarer frames collection is a must-have. After the lockdown, you can team this eyeglass with a denim outfit, and you will make a strong impression back at the workplace and elsewhere. Black is forever in fashion. This minimalistic addition will enhance your attire and look. Post- lockdown, you must also ensure that you do not share your eyeglasses with anyone. You must also not wear anyone else’s eyewear. It is a safety measure that you must follow for prevention-sake. Choose such a wayfarer frame and create an impactful post-lockdown look for yourself.

  1. 3.     Vibrant Pink

Once life gradually returns to normal, you can make heads turn at your office with this quirky wayfarer frame. Due to the lockdown, a lot of your time is usually spent on digital devices. Further, the glare of blue light emitted from your laptop or other digital devices can adversely affect your eyes. Hence, it is imperative that even after the lockdown, when you go for work, you continue to protect your eyes. These eyeglasses with a pop of pink colour will set you apart. You can pair these with formal black clothes to enhance your overall look.

  1. 4.     Exclusive Purple

These purple eyeglasses from the wayfarer frames collection can be the ideal pair to add some change to your old look. It can be teamed with western as well as Indian formals and casuals. So, you may purchase this eyewear to create a difference in your daily look. It will elevate the look of all your outfits. It will be a new addition to the regularity of your clothes.

Ensure Eye Health and Fashion Together

You must follow fashion trends and style but not at the expense of your eye health. Therefore, you must purchase eyewear, which neither makes you compromise on your eye health nor in looking fashionable. Reputable brands like Titan Eyeplus offer you a diverse range of eyewear options that will help you strike a balance between fashion and functionality. They also provide you with UV protected, polarized and blue tech glasses for additional protection. You can also avail of the virtual try-on option available for some glasses listed on their website to make the best choice.

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