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Citizenship by investment is essentially the process of obtaining a second passport and citizenship by investing in the economy of the country you are getting citizenship for. There are many benefits to this process over other forms of obtaining citizenship. Many countries offer citizenship by investment programmes, and more and more are offering this opportunity as they begin to realise the economic advantage of opening up their doors to investors.

Financial and business opportunities – Depending on the programme you enrol with, you may be offered a return on investment of up to 12%. Some will also offer a buy back guarantee once you have qualified for citizenship. By obtaining a second passport in this way, new business opportunities will open up as you will now also be able to do business in the host country. Many companies are trying to find a way to access international platforms, and through dual citizenship, this can be easily achieved.

Unrestricted travel – One of the major benefits of citizenship by investment is freedom of travel. Most passports tend to be pretty restrictive on their own, requiring you to obtain a visa when you travel abroad, even if that is for a short period of time. By gaining a second passport, you will gain increased global mobility. Again, different passports will allow unrestricted travel to different countries. For example, the passport of Cyprus allows visa free entry to 164 countries across the globe. Having dual citizenship can radically change your travelling experience both from a business, for example when you need to meet with a business partner on short notice, and personal perspective.

Lifestyle – There are a range of lifestyle benefits that come with citizenship by investment and citizenship by investment programmes. Many programmes will provide the investor, and even the investor’s families, with a range of lifestyle services such as education, healthcare, security and transport.  This means that investors are not only able to build a better future for themselves, but also to their spouse and children. Second citizenship could mean access to a world-class healthcare, education for children and just a general improved lifestyle.

Education – Dual citizenship can give children access to some of the top schools in the world, without the need to pay international fees. For example, with a European passport, students can apply to any European Universities.

Tax breaks – By gaining a second citizenship, you may be able to enjoy tax breaks and improved tax exposure. How big the benefit depends on many different factors. For example, some countries will only charge income tax that is earned from that country, and also does not subject capital gains to taxes either.  

Speed – The process of obtaining citizenship though investment is often a lot faster than going through the traditional processes of immigration. Therefore, for those looking for second citizenship, they are able to go through the processes without having to put their life on hold for long periods of time.

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