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Growing cannabis plants provides gardeners with a healthy supply of medicinal marijuana. Some states allow patients who receive prescriptions to grow their own plants. The gardeners must learn how to treat their crops to prevent damage and minimize any reduction in potency. Reviewing the best pest control tips for sensitive plants helps gardeners achieve a thriving crop.

Closing Off Access to the Plants

Closing access to the plants lowers the risk of pests infesting the plants and causing damage. Gardeners must evaluate the greenhouse or grow rooms for access points for pests. Sealing those entry points can prevent common insects from gaining access to the plants. It also prevents rodents from getting into the greenhouse or grow room. Each of these pests can cause damage and prevent the plants from thriving. Gardeners who want to review ways to protect their plants from pests should consider trying products from i49 right now.

Inspect the Plants Daily

Inspecting the plants daily helps the gardener determine if there are any existing pests on the plants. Treating cannabis plants helps gardeners maintain their plants, but it is necessary to identify the pests that are affecting the plants first. Once the gardener knows what pests pose a threat, the gardener can take the necessary steps for protecting their plants and preventing the pests from taking over the crop.

Using Fungicides to Prevent Fungus Gnats

Black bugs often appear on the cannabis plants. They are fungus gnats that are known to eat the buds and cause serious damage to the cannabis plants. Using fungicides can help the gardener kill the fungus gnats and prevent damage to the plants. It is recommended that the gardener treat the plants according to the instructions on their preferred product. Spraying the plants every day could lead to damage and cause additional issues.

Using Sterilized Soil and Fertilizers

Using sterilized soil fertilizers eliminates the potential for insect eggs getting planted with the crop. If the soil and fertilizer aren't sterilized, it is a mixture that could be tainted, and the gardener will have a full infestation of the insect as soon as the eggs hatch. The insects will then affect all plants and cause serious damage to the entire crop.

Plant Cannabis With Protective Plants

Planting the cannabis plants with protective plants can lower the risk of pest infestations and protect the cannabis more effectively. Planting basil can lower the risks of flies and beetles that are known to eat the plants and cause serious damage. Garlic is a great choice for fighting mold and repelling insects that are attracted to cannabis plants. Mint has a wonderful fragrance that can make a garden smell wonderful, but the fragrance is not appealing to many insects that love to feed on the buds and damage the leaves. The combination of plants provides a natural line of defense against the pests that are most attracted to the cannabis plants.

Growing cannabis plants helps patients keep a supply of the medication to treat a variety of illnesses. However, those who grow their own crops must treat the plants to prevent possible pest infestations. Pest infestations can damage the plants and prevent patients from using their medication effectively. Fungicide is necessary to fight funguses and gnats that destroy plants. Reviewing the best control tips for sensitive plants helps the gardeners avoid common conditions that affect their plants negatively.


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