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Wearing saree for an occasion is sassy, stylish and fun.  It is like an elaborate sartorial, dressing up game that elevates your style effortlessly. Then, why saree shopping is not even half as enjoyable? With all this technological evolution and advancement, you would think that it is easier and sophisticated now, but ladies, no! We are still stuck in the loop of sales executives draping sarees around to give you an idea on how-it-might-look-on-you to the hundreds of women wondering what if the shade was a bit lighter or a stunning pink.

A million-dollar question, isn’t it? 

Not anymore, because we have just the solution for you! Rather than wandering from one shop to another and wondering if at all you are going to take something back home, shop from the list of handpicked saree stores that cater to the choice, preference and budget! Whether you are looking for a crepe saree for a college farewell, a bridal kanjivaram silk saree for your sangeet or a South cotton drape to attend a board meeting, you can get them all here!  While you still have to search from the diverse range of six-yard wonders, but at least now you know where to look! That’s a battle half won!

Let’s put an end to the misery and unending work that the saree shopping usually has been for you!

Here is a list of best silk sarees brands in India.

Bharatsthali Silk Sarees: A brainchild of Pulkit Gogna, Bharatsthali brings you priceless heirlooms, traditional weaves and six-yard staples for regular days. With an all-women team at back-end and front, the regular hassle of choosing sarees and textures sorts itself out in the most emphatic manner. If you are one of those buyers who love to feel the textures and gorge on the sparkling colour of handloom sarees, thisethically conscious saree online store delivers worldwide and has a retail saree store in Chandigarh too! The store’s policies such as Cash on Delivery, free shipping option and the option of made-to-order blouse and petticoat make for a wholesome shopping experience. Since the sarees are sourced directly from the weavers and artists, you don’t have to pay or compensate for the middle sales network.  The Bharatsthali store is located at

The silk sarees at Bharasthali are Silk Mark India certified for their purity and authenticity. From Kanjivarams to Banarasi, From Madhubani prints to boho-chic Kalamakari and from ajrakh sarees to south cotton and Kota doria- you are in for a real treat!

Meena Bazaar: With four decades of history of selling Indian apparels and accessories such as sarees, suits and dress materials, Meena Bazaar at Delhi, brings you premium options in women’s fashion. While it might not be a saree-exclusive place like Bharatsthali, it has over 70 retail showrooms across the world and offers quite diversified range in sarees including Kanjivaram, Banarasi, South silk, Patola, Jamdani and many more. The focus on the range remains on silk, brocade and heavily embroidered sarees.

Nalli Silks: Offering bridal and party wear sarees online and in-store, Nalli Silks is a brand to reckon with. Poshakoffers a diversified range of women’s clothing including sareesin its double-storey store at Chennai.  Whether you are looking for a contemporary range of saree designs in nude and pastels or a traditional, timeless heirloom like Kanjivaram or Banarasi, it is the place to be!

Manish Malhotra: Located at Mumbai, Manish Malhotra brings about a range of saree for its patrons. The collection covers a diversified range of sarees such as Bollywood sarees, net saree, cotton sarees and art silk sarees; you are at the right place! You can also find quite a collection of ready-to-wear sarees here.

Chennai Silks: One of the preferred destinations of shopping already, Chennai Silks is located in Chennai. Offering beautiful and trendy sarees to saree lovers and its patrons, the store promises to offer you competitive rates. You can also get the blouse and saree tops stitched to order at the in-house boutique.

Kankatala: Located at Hyderabad is a one-of-its-kind retail store for sarees. A range of saree is available at different price points. Its exclusivity, as the name suggests, is silk sarees, sarees with a traditional cross-stitch floral embroidery pattern of Aandhra Pradesh.

Taneira Sarees: Located in Bangalore, it is your one-stop store for shop sarees in Bangalore. The collection of silk sarees, art blend sarees, art saree, tissues sarees and cotton sarees at the store is worth a dekko. This saree retailer acceptsonly cheques and cash as payment.

Myntra: The Myntra saree Studio is located online only. If you have designer sarees on your mind that can take your contemporary styling up by a few notches, you can shop here till you drop! The studio offers high-end sarees and made-to-order customised saree blouse to its patrons.

Amazon: Be it sarees for weddings or sarees for daily wear, Amazon never disappoints! Its collection of sarees covers the best ofthe net, zari, organza, silk, art silk, cotton blend and cotton ones. You can shop online on their website.

FabIndia: Go for FabIndia Sarees if you have a crepe, art silk and cotton sarees on the mind. The team has curated its saree collection takingdifferent budgets, choices and preferences into account. The store also offers customised made-to-order saree blouses and ready to wear sarees. It is located at Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai.

We have covered the list of best saree brands in India for silk sarees.

These best saree brands of India can make your saree shopping quite a lot easier. Now, when you know you find authentic handloom sarees with the guarantee of Silk Mark India in India! This guide will also help you to make an informed decision regarding where you can have handloom silk sarees in India or what should be your shopping destination if you are a little tight on the budget but still want to indulge and shop! So, peruse and follow this handy saree shopping guide next time when you feel like doing some saree shopping!

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