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As the trend of bitcoin is rising at a tremendous level, more and more users are highly obsessed to invest in this digital currency. It is a good thing as every bitcoin owner desired to notice their digital currency attaining good fame. But the issue of concern is that bitcoin-based scams are rising at a very rapid level. The hackers from the different parts of the world are considering it a great opportunity to hack the bitcoin wallets and accounts of the users. Not only in India but users in the PAN world have also reported these scams. This is really a serious matter because the bitcoins, like digital currencies, are not owned by any of the banking authority. No one is to take any kind of legal action for the inappropriate acts that are performed with the bitcoins. For more information you can visit here

The emergence of digital currencies like bitcoin has raised the convenience of the people, but if these kinds of scams will not get a pause, then people will surely take a decision of avoiding such [platform. It is only because of the bitcoins that the individuals who were interested in the cryptocurrencies got influenced. They were not ready to invest even a single penny in the digital currency because of some wrong perceptions.

Serious scam of bitcoins in India through Realme India Twitter handle

The recent scam of cryptocurrencies occurred on the Twitter handle of Realme India’s official support. The good part is that the It experts of the company were able to take back control of their account within a few minutes, which prevented a big scam with the crypto users of India. You would be aware that Realme is one of the top-rated Smartphone brands of India.

 The professions efforts lead to the prevention of this scam which was a good thing, but the things do not end up here. The hackers tried to change the name of their Twitter handle from @realmecareIn to the Stylish version of Tesla. Tesla is among the top-rated automobile companies, which has been in regular trend for the last many months. It is well known for offering fully advanced electric cars, and people recognize this company as the brand of Elon Musk.

What exactly occurred in the scam?

 There is no confirmed idea why the hackers decided to just go with the name of Tesla for the purpose of hacking. But the duty to tweets about bitcoins and other digital currencies by Elon was that lots of people were influenced to invest in this currency. There were high fluctuations in the value of cryptocurrencies with the very short tweets. The hackers were very intelligent as they were assured that considering the name of Elon will admire the people for investing in this digital currency. The hackers involved Tesla by tweeting on the Realme handle by mentioning, “Winn a lot of bitcoins in our broadcast, we start in 3 minutes”. Coincidentally, the experts took the right action, which is why the tweet was deleted before it entered on the path of scams.

Another scam just within a very short time

  • Another scam occurred by the unpleasant tweet, “Tesla goes beyond the usual understanding of decentralization. And think we have something to surprise today” This also appeared on the Twitter handle of Realme, and it was disappointing. The externals of the company revealed that the Twitter handle of Realme is in the developing stage and is monitored regularly. There is a thorough investigation being conducted for getting a clear idea about this matter by the internals of the company.
  • The proof regarding the entire scam that occurred on Realme’s Twitter handle was posted by Ishan Aggarwal, who posted various screenshots. It was clearly seen in the screenshot that the name was changed to T e s l a by the unpleasant action of Hackers. These all tweets have been deleted when Twitter itself restored the account.

If serious action will be not taken against these hackers, there is no doubt that a bigger scam related to bitcoin is very near. This is why special authorities should be developed that should make sure that there is a smooth transaction of bitcoins at trading app without the occurrence of any kind of scam or unpleassssant acts.

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