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Who are the biggest lottery and casino winners in India? Who are the biggest all-time losers in history? We’ll be taking a look at a list of names that made a fortune and those who lost it all in a flash. 

Sure, it’s nice to have a lot of money. But unlike playing for a big amount, it’s just as easy to lose it in one fell swoop. Are these winners still living the life of luxury or did they spend all this money until there was nothing left? We’ll answer these questions shortly.

If you have considered the idea of gambling or playing the lottery, you should read on to learn about the biggest winners in India. Each of them has a story of how they earned their money (and how some of them lost it). Let’s dive right into the list: 

1.   Ashok and Kirti Patel

The Patels were a married couple that also happened to work as doctors. When Kirti Patel decided to purchase a lottery ticket, it seemed like it was just worth a shot. That shot paid off big time.

 That ticket ended up netting the Patels a whopping Rs 8 crore (which is the equivalent of $1 million USD). It was considered the largest jackpot ever won in the city of Mumbai at the time (it happened in 2008). Unlike most lottery winners around the world, the Patels were smart with their money. 

After getting the money, they managed to leave Mumbai and move to another part of India. They managed to give their children a better education and travel the world. If only there were some of those who can learn a lesson from the Patels about managing their money properly. 

2.   Mojiful Sheikh 

Mojiful was looking for a place to live in Kerala for himself and his family. He was also hopeful that one day he would build a home for them. Then he came across a man who was selling lottery tickets trying to make ends meet. 

Knowing full well of the struggle that he faced himself, Mojiful decided to purchase lottery tickets with all the money he made from his entire paycheck. While spending your whole paycheck on lottery tickets might be frowned upon by friends and family, it ended up being something that paid off big time.

With a grand prize of Rs 1 crore (or just over $100,000 USD), it might have been enough for Mojiful to finally build that house of his dreams. But a good deed can truly pay off in so many ways. For Mojiful, he is living proof of that.

3.   Laarni Bibal 

We’ll be shifting our focus outside of India to the United States. In the US, the Mega Millions Jackpot reached a staggering total of over $550 million in 2019. The winner of the grand prize was Laarni Bibal, who is originally from India. 

After scoring half a billion, she decided to take her time about claiming her prize. She eventually did and might be enjoying the luxury life. Or she might be playing it smart with her money. 

4.   RP Manoharan 

They say that when you win the lottery once, that’s all. But does lightning strike twice in the same spot...or even three times? Ask RP Manoharan and he’ll give you an affirmative answer. 

Manoharan is the only man in India to have won the lottery not once, not twice, but three times. In total, he’s made well over $300,000 USD in lottery winnings. His first win came three years ago when he scored Rs 65 lakh and invested it in his business. 

The next time he won, it was Rs 70 lakh, which went to renovations for his house. The year after that, he was able to net another Rs 70 lakh. All told, he managed to total up to about Rs 205 lakh. 

Manoharan said that he spent nearly Rs 5000 a month on lottery tickets ever since he was at a young age. So his winnings have not come to him by a stroke of luck, but consistency. The question remains: could he go for an unprecedented fourth time if he wants to? 

5.   Porrunan Rajan

Kerala resident Porrunan Rajan might have kissed his ticket for good luck. But it turned out to be a kiss made of gold. The rubber tapper was wrestling with a ton of debt.

On a whim, he decided to buy a lottery ticket in a last-ditch effort to change his fortunes. After the purchase, he went to the bank to make another loan payment. Unbeknownst to him, it would be his penultimate loan payment. 

The next morning, Rajan woke up to check the lottery numbers. He saw that he had matching numbers. He was so stunned that he called his son to double-check. 

Sure enough, Rajan won Rs 12 crore (almost $1.5 million USD). Rajan made his final loan payment and used the money to purchase a new home and invest in his daughter’s education. Rajan is also searching for long-term investments that he hopes will allow him and his family to live a comfortable life.

Who are the biggest loser and final thoughts 

Based on what we know, we weren’t able to find who won the lottery in India only to spend it all. By telling the stories of India’s biggest winners, we were able to notice a pattern. Those who won were able to play it smart with their money. 

There have been plenty of horror stories that surrounded many lottery winners over the years. It’s hard to say why they happen. But if you decide to play the lottery or win big, it’s important to be smart with your money no matter what.

The sudden increase in wealth can change a person for the better. Sadly, it can change someone for the worse. Either way, it’s all about how you handle life after becoming suddenly rich. 

If you somehow win it big, you’re better off being smart with it rather than try to blow it and keep up with others.

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