The Latest Indian TV News 

The past few weeks have been jam-packed with news in the world of Indian TV. Business deals, new shows, cast replacements, and everything in between. A social media summit is also on the horizon. 

But whether you use TV or music for entertainment, these are the latest headlines across the Indian TV world.

Times Network to Launch New Business Show 

Times Network is in the process of launching a brand new channel on October 4th. ET Now Swadesh will cover everything across business, finance, and the economy. You can also watch a promo for the show on its newly created Youtube page. 

This will be the second Hindi channel for the Times Network, and their managing director has spoken about the excitement surrounding the new venture and how it will shine a spotlight on Hindi business channels. 

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Amazon Great Indian Festival

The Amazon Great Indian Festival is right around the corner, and it has been moved forward a day. Starting October 3rd, the month-long sale will encompass all the top brands in tech, from TV to smartphones. 

The flagship sale in India has been a massive hit since it first began, and this year will be no different. Brands such as Xiaomi, LG, Sony, and many others will all have huge discounts available throughout October.

New Channel to Present Only “Good News”

Good News Network is a recently launched news channel designed to give viewers only good news if you haven’t seen it already. With the world still in despair due to the current COVID pandemic, Good News Networks aims to bring feel-good stories to viewers every day. 

The channel isn’t solely focused on bringing good news from inside India but from around the world. Executives have said that heart-arming events and good deeds are happening every day, and they want to showcase them.

Aashay Mishra to Replace Manan Joshi

Shubb Laabh Aapkey Ghar Mein has only been out for two weeks now, and there has already been a change in the cast. Manan Joshi is set to be replaced by Aashay Mishra, who will take on Geetanjali Tikekar. 

Manan has signed up for the show and a new movie simultaneously, with both parties thinking that dates and shoot-days can be arranged for the actor to do both. This hasn’t worked out. On the other hand, Aashay has performed in theatre, and you might remember him from Story 9 Months Ki. 

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First-Ever Social Media Summit

Republic Media Network has recently organized India’s first social media summit. The event gathered the biggest and brightest minds in the world of social media and digital media. Big tech, government officials, Indian Unicorns, and voices from across social media were all involved in the event. 

The event was kickstarted by an in-depth and off-the-cuff conversation between Republic Media managing director Arnab Goswami and the managing director of Facebook India, Ajit Mohan. They spoke about regulation, the spread of fake news, and the role of social media in our current day and age. 

Multiple sessions further discussed the fight against fake news, the role social media plays in government, how social media has shaped our world, and how it will change in the future. The event was a massive success, with talks of another one already happening. 

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Bigg Boss 15

The 15th season of the controversial show Bigg Boss will be released on the 2nd of October. Hosted by legendary TV personality Salman Khan, the Indian TV version of Big Brother is set to be as entertaining and explosive as ever. 

Unlike Bigg Boss OTT, Bigg Boss 15 will air on TV at 10:30 pm every Monday to Friday, with rebroadcasts happening at 9 pm on Saturday and Sunday nights.

Former Indian Idol Arrested

In news that has shocked the world of entertainment and music, Suraj Bahadur, a two-time National Games Taekwondo champion, who also appeared on Indian Idols, was arrested by police in New Delhi for armed robbery. 

He was found with 2.5kgs of gold, 55 stolen mobile phones, five stolen cars, and a homemade weapon.  Suraj was seen by police acting suspiciously while riding a scooter; they pulled him over and discovered that the scooter was stolen. He was then arrested and taken into custody. 

Suraj admitted to being involved in over 100 robberies in the New Delhi area following a short investigation. He also told investigators that he had been arrested for similar incidents in 2014, 2017 and 2019, but was released on bond each time. 

Suraj and members of his gang have been apprehended and arrested numerous times before. Suraj stated that he gave up on sports and singing as there wasn’t any money to be made and turned to crime shortly after his appearance on Idols in 2008.

Modi Supporters More Trusting of News

In research conducted across multiple countries, using 2000 respondents from each country, it was discovered that those who were firm supporters of Prime Minister Modi found the news to be more trustworthy. 

It was an interesting result considering that many believe journalists are being forced to change stories and not report the truth ever since Modi rose to power. It will be interesting to see if this type of belief grows amongst Modi supporters. 

Those are some of the biggest TV headlines over the past few weeks. As mentioned in the beginning, big business deals and companies are changing the face of Indian television for the better; it is exciting to see what will come next.  

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