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Summer is probably the best time of the year as schools have vacations and families like to make the best use of it to spend time together. However, it also means scorching heat that can cause much discomfort. This is where air conditioners pose a comfortable solution. If the price tag on an air conditioner has held you back from buying one so far or upgrading your old model to a new one, break free by shopping on EMIs. 

The Bajaj Finserv EMI Network offers you a solution to ensure you are never settling for anything but the best because of budget restraints. Here, you can shop for an air conditioner making the most of the exciting deals offered by the Summer Sale. Use your EMI Network Card to purchase the AC on No Cost EMI, when you shop an AC worth Rs.20,000 and also enjoy an Insta Credit of Rs.5,000.

 This expansive online and offline network allows you to shop from more than 60,000 vendors from over 1,300 cities and browse a catalogue of more than a million products. Pay for your purchase over a tenor of 3 to 24 months easily and remember, EMIs for your AC start at just Rs.1,999! 

Even so, with innumerable options of ACs in the market, you may be indecisive while choosing the best one. Plus, each brand introduces updated technology and features time and again, which makes it even more difficult to narrow down to the best one. So, here are 5 cool tips to buy the best air conditioners to beat the heat this summer. 

Look at the energy efficiency and star rating

 The first thing on your AC purchase checklist must be energy efficiency to ensure you are able to use your new AC without worrying about soaring electricity bills. The star ratings of an AC will tell you how much power that particular model can help you save.

 An AC with a 2-star rating can help you save approximately Rs.223 on your electricity bill per month. An AC with a 5-star rating, on the other hand, can help you save around Rs.737 on your monthly electricity bill, but is priced higher than an AC with a 2-star rating. So, the lower the star rating, the lower the cost of the AC, but the higher your electricity bill. 

A good way around calculating the ideal rating is to consider your usage of the AC. If you are going to use the AC just for a few hours a day for a few months, an AC with 3-stars can be your best bet. If your usage is more regular, a 5-star rated AC is suitable.

 Consider the cooling capacity 

An AC is meant to help you control the temperature around you and not create an uncomfortable environment. So, it is very important to pick an AC with adequate cooling capacity, so that it doesn’t feel insufficient or severe.

 Based on your temperature requirement, an AC with an insufficient tonnage will have to overwork its capacity, thereby increasing your energy bill and reducing its own life. So, calculate the right tonnage for your room. In order to do this, just divide the floor area of your room by 600 to arrive at the basic AC capacity and add 0.5 ton to the sum for every 5 people in the room. 

Determine the type of AC you need

 It is good to decide which one is best for you, a Window AC or a Split AC, before heading out to buy an AC. However, the decision mostly depends on the layout of the room and where you would like to install the AC. Note the factors to consider when choosing between a Window AC and a Split AC: 

  • A Windows AC is suitable if you often move from one home to another as it is easy to move and install.
  • A Window AC is noisier than a Split AC.
  • When compared to a Window AC, a Split AC cools your room faster. This is because it has a wider opening for the air blower. 

Review the filters of the AC

 Look at the types and number of filters that an AC has. Having a 3M filter in an AC may add to your purchase price, but proves its efficiency in purifying the air in your room by removing Particulate Matter 2.5 like chemicals, exhausts, dust, and dander from pet fur or feathers.

 Also, modern-day ACs have anti-bacterial filters that free the air from germs and bacteria. What’s more, some ACs also offer odour removal technology so you can breathe fresh air, free of foul smells, despite the usual odours that accompany summer sweat and filth.

 Choose a hot and cold AC

 Depending on where you reside, decide if you wish to buy a Cold only AC or a Hot and Cold AC. Though there is a considerable cost difference between the two, a Hot and Cold AC will be of great value in the long run, if you live in cities like Delhi, which have extreme climates.

 A Hot and Cold AC keeps you comfortable all year round no matter what it is like outside. Also, running an AC in winters is more energy-efficient than running room heaters. An AC also covers a bigger area and heats it uniformly as compared to room heaters. 

Now you evaluate your needs with ease and select the right AC. Once you have narrowed down on it, shop for it on No Cost EMIfrom the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network. When you shop for an AC on No Cost EMI, you don’t have to pay a rupee over its purchase price and can divide the cost into easy instalments. Also, you can enjoy amazing offers, discounts, and cashback on your purchase. 

Use the in-store financing option by displaying your pre-approved offer if you do not have a Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card. Get started today and check your pre-approved offer from Bajaj Finserv to get up to Rs.4 lakh of instant funding.

(Author Bio: Digvijay Singh Kanwar is a professional content writer and digital marketing expert and he loves to write about finance and tech-based articles. You can contact him on


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