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The cannabis industry consists of two types of consumers; those who began using after the legalization of cannabis consumption for personal use; and those who have been doing it long before then. Globally, the industry has grown exponentially since 2019 and continues even more so since the rise of the Covid-19 pandemic. The industry has become very creative in the ways they get consumers to enjoy cannabis, causing people to move away from joints and onto using bongs. A bong is a water pipe that creates a vapor from the cannabis bud, which is then inhaled. This has become the preferred method to smoking joints because it takes a lot less weed, gets you higher, and saves money. Similarly, the use of dab rigs has become popular today, with a wide variety available at physical stores or online, such as Smoke Cartel’s collection of dab rigs. A lot of people find themselves unsure as to whether they should first buy bongs or dab rigs. We are here to clear things up and help you come to your own decision. 

What is a bong?

The bong is mainly used for vaporizing and smoking cannabis buds. Bongs are one of the earliest forms of consuming cannabis and tobacco. The earliest form of a water bong which, when excavated, was found to have cannabis residue and dates back to ancient Africa.

Bongs can cost between $100 and $1000 as they come in every shape, size, and material, such as silicone and glass, and a wide variety can be found online. Popular brands, such as Molino Glass, offer top quality glass bongs that aim for total customer satisfaction. Since these devices are made for use in the comfort of your home, you might want to consider choosing one that would match your home decor.

This tradition has been around a lot longer than any of us, so what makes the bong continue to be such a popular tool in the cannabis industry? Well, as with the dab rigs, it takes a lot less cannabis to produce more vapor and therefore saves the consumer a considerable amount of money. 

How do they work

Bongs are pretty easy to use; fill the bong with water and the bowl with cannabis. Pack it loosely before placing the bowl downstream of the bong. Hold the bong with one hand while placing your mouth on the inside of the tube, making sure it is sealed. Light the bowl and inhale at the same time, creating smoke. You may continue to pull smoke after the flame is removed from the bowl until all the smoke has been inhaled. Cleaning a bong is just as simple. Rinse each piece with water before adding isopropyl alcohol and salt. Shake gently, allowing for the removal of excess residue, and then rinse off with hot and then cold water. 

What is a dab rig?

A dab rig is a glass pipe, similar to that of a bong, whereby the bowl is replaced by a nail to place the concentrate onto. The dab rig creates smoke vapor using cannabis extract concentrates such as shatter, wax, butane hash oil (BHO), and rosin. The potency of THC from concentrates is between 35-55% more effective than if you were to use bud. There is less plant material involved in the process of absorption into your bloodstream, meaning you are inhaling a larger quantity of cannabinoids. Dab rigs are much cheaper than bongs, depending on the size and design of the device as the only thing that makes them more expensive is the multiple extra parts that are needed in a dab rig compared to a bong. After the legalization of recreational and medicinal consumption in the United States, glass artists began to take advantage of the new market, coming up with fascinating and out-of-the-box designs for water pipes. This, along with the rise of social media influencers, has caused a major influence on the increase of dabbing amongst cannabis users. People seem to choose dab rigs over bongs because they allow for a smoother and quicker inhalation of the smoke vapor. After all, it takes a much shorter distance for the smoke to travel through the pipe. 

How do they work?

Dab rig consists of many different parts including a dabber, a carb cap, a nail that comes in quartz, glass, titanium, or ceramic, a butane torch, an electronic nail, a dab pad, a stopwatch, and cotton swabs. To use the dab rig, begin by filling the base with water. Then, heat the nail to burn off any excess particles.  Wait for it to cool again before adding the dab concentrate and slowly inhaling. Some dab rigs use a carb cap to increase vapor. While cleaning the dab rig, the use of rubbing alcohol will eradicate leftover concentrates. The alcohol must be. After all, completely cleaned off before using the rig again as the alcohol is flammable.  


Both the bong and the dab rig are viable candidates for your cannabis consumption. They are both easy to use and relatively easy to clean. While the dab rig costs much more than a bong, it takes a lot less time to get high as the vapour immediately enters the lungs, rather than cooling first as the bong does.

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