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Living with diabetes is a difficult task, and just under 10% of the United States population has to manage the disease. While diabetes doesn't have a cure, technology is quickly advancing, and diabetes management companies are making it a little bit easier to live with.

Managing diabetes is extremely expensive. You have to buy a glucose meter, test strips, control solution, and, of course, insulin. When there is a way to make the process a little bit less expensive, it only makes sense to jump on that opportunity.

If you look in the right place, you will be able to find a diabetes management company that can easily supply you with what you need at an affordable price.

Affordable Diabetes Management

Keeping the cost of diabetes management low is very difficult, especially if you don't have insurance. Luckily, there is an option that makes staying healthy a little easier on the pockets.Diathrive is a company that not only makes management more affordable, but also an easier process.

The supplies you need to check your blood sugar accurately are sent straight to your house at a frequency of your choosing. You don't have to have insurance or a prescription to order the products, either. The monthly plans are inexpensive as well.

The company is able to offer the lowest possible prices for their supplies because they sell at wholesale prices. This is because they work directly with their manufacturers to keep costs low. They also don't require insurance, which is known to increase the cost of healthcare.

The prices of supplies are even lower than most insurance copays. This is because you are avoiding the extra costs that come with insurance coverage. If you have a Healthcare Savings Account, you can use it to purchase your supplies. You can use your HSA card when you checkout.

How it Works

Ordering your supplies has never been easier. First, you choose the amount of supplies you need to have delivered and choose the frequency you want to get them at. When you place the order for your first kit, it gets shipped priority within 1 business day.

Every refill shipment will be sent directly to your home. Don't need any more yet? You can pause your plan. Need more refills than you thought? Adjust your plan to reflect that at any time. Previously paused your plan and need supplies now? You can easily restart it.

When you place your first order, you will receive a glucose meter, a lancing device, a convenient carrying case, lancets, test strips, and control solution. You can build your own subscription plan by choosing the frequency and number of strips and lancets you need.

There are four options for delivery frequency. You can choose a one-time purchase, monthly delivery, every three months, or every six months. Test strips are provided in bottles of 50 at a reasonable price. You can order anywhere from 50 to 1,000 strips. Lancets are provided at no cost from 100 to 1,000.

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