Whether you’re happy now or feel more like a character from the ‘Pursuit of Happiness,’ let’s talk. Why is everyone so obsessed with being happy if the whole concept is hard to define? What Plato once called ‘eudaimonia’ (another word for happiness) is a state of well-being. This means happiness is when all aspects of life are well-balanced. Why strive for happiness? Because feeling happy equals feeling good about your life.

What to do to stay happy? Our experts have already created a list of helpful things you can do on a daily basis to feel better.

#1: Ensure Work-and-Life Balance

The problem of many capitalist countries is how they alter the meaning of ‘happiness.’ The American dream would sell you the idea of making money and buying goods. Just find a good job, marry the right person (optional), buy a house, and check your pension plan occasionally. Oh, don’t forget to graduate from college first to make it all happen. 

But all this takes a tremendous amount of time. If you don’t manage your time well, the fatigue will crawl into your routine quickly. Sure, you can reach a professional on PaperWriter best site to write my paper to get the best college essay and save time. But how to ensure harmony in other aspects of your student life?  


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  • Keep 2-3 hours in store for your college projects. How many times have you worked on a project to find that its completion takes more time than you’ve expected? To keep the stress from deadlines far from your calendar, assign yourself more time;
  • Be realistic with your time management. Does a 5-page essay really take 3 hours? Add time for research and proofreading, and you’ll find you need 6 hours at least; 
  • Arrange your time around the basic human needs. An average healthy person sleeps for 7-8 hours and eats 3-4 meals a day. If you’re studying from early morning till late evening and working night shifts, you’ll need to rearrange your schedule. Otherwise, academic burnout will knock on your dormitory door. 

#2: Throw Those Stereotypes Away

Use statistics and self-reflect. For instance, does a mere thought of Monday wipe your smile away? Meanwhile, there is a high probability you feel happy about Fridays. Do you know that Mondays count for the seventh of your lifespan? If you live for 70 years, Mondays will count for 10 years which is a whole decade. Not the smartest way to feel about the beginning of a new week. 

The same goes for other things. For instance, people stereotype young Millenials who don’t find their dream job or change their workplace often. They’d call you lazy and self-centered. But if the old job doesn’t make you happy, why should you comply with the expectations of others? Sure, you risk being stereotyped, but the main rule is to put your well-being first.

#3: Keep Negative Thoughts on a Leash

Complaining is in human nature. How often do you feel that urge to call your besties when a catastrophe strikes? But things are different if you wake up daily feeling miserable with negative thoughts swarming in your head. Sure, there’s an illusion of control, but one still can change things like their careers, diets, and fashion styles. 

We don’t suggest you read self-help books or go to a life coach - keep it simple:

  • Write down 5 things you’re grateful for. You have a roof over your head, a cup of warm latte, and a laptop to read this article. By the way, your ability to read puts you into 86% of the global literate population. Next time you reread ‘Harry Potter,’ think of it; 
  • Write down 5 happiest memories. You’d be surprised that the memories would probably include people rather than the advertised products you bought online; 
  • Write down your 5 best qualities. What do you like about yourself most of all? Is it empathy, sense of humor, or smartness? Next time you feel miserable, think of how you can use these qualities to overcome sadness. 

#4: Move! 

Whether it’s moving to a new place, renting a new flat, or going for sports, moving is preferrable. We often associate moving with a positive mood and life changes. All this is true. But how to add movement to your life? 

  • Sports. Obviously, movement is your best friend when it comes to health and emotional well-being. Don’t feel like jogging in the park? Walk. Don’t feel like walking outside? Stretch at home. All these things are better than leading a lifestyle of a couch potato; 

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  • Move to a new place. If you ever planned on moving to a different city, start elaborating your plan right now. If you devote your time to planning the future each day, you’ll see how the feeling of opportunity boosts your mood and makes you happier. 

#5: Help Other People

Nothing makes you happier than a word of thanks you hear from a stranger you’ve just helped. All in all, you feel fulfillment when volunteering. The majority of modern careers focus on working with technologies rather than people. While working with people allows one to get a direct positive emotion, the same cannot be said about technologies. In the end, we feel lonelier and unhappier. 

  • Volunteer. To engage in meaningful activities, ask whether the local shelter needs people. Volunteer on a daily basis; 
  • Help strangers. Helping a tourist find a city spot when their phone battery is dead, and yours isn’t might sound good for the beginning; 
  • Give money, food, or clothes to the homeless. No comments here. Life circumstances put the disadvantaged in the street. Especially in the economies which lack governmental support like social programs.

Final Thoughts

Learning happiness sounds like science to devote your whole life to. In a world that inspires everyone to pursue happiness, the majority feels miserable. Whether you begrudge someone’s zest for life or not, try focusing on the good things you already have. Showing gratitude for small things, in the end, tells you that your life is much more fulfilled than you have ever expected it would be.

We hope the article was helpful to you. Good luck!

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