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If you are a business, there may be several reasons why you need to access the credit reports of customers or potential customers. As a result, you may start to look into the idea of credit pulling software. So, what is it? Does it work? That is what we want to look at here.

What is Credit Pulling Software?

Credit pulling software is a system that will allow a business to pull the credit report for anybody they wish, providing they have permission from the person they are generating a report on.

Credit pulling software will look at the leading credit reporting agencies and collate their information into a single report. This allows businesses to make an informed decision on whether somebody is a viable choice to lend to, etc.

Can Anybody Use This Software?


Well, everybody has the legal right to check their credit report whenever they wish. However, in the United States, you can't just go and check somebody else's credit report unless you have a legal reason to be doing so.

Most of the companies that providesoftware to pull credit will have a sign-up process in place. This process aims to ensure that you have a genuine requirement to access the information you are trying to access. This means that you may be doing one of the following:

  • Dealing with bankruptcies
  • Lending money out
  • Providing credit to people

Of course, that is just scratching the surface of who can access the information. However, even then, there will be massive restrictions on who can have their credit report accessed. If somebody doesn't provide permission for their credit report to be accessed, it will be illegal for anybody to access this information.

Does Credit Pulling Software Work?

It depends on the company that provides the software.

If you are a business hunting down a company that provides credit pulling software, you will have to do your due diligence. This means finding the right company to use for credit pulling.

For the software to work correctly in an ideal world, it should work with the major credit reporting agencies in the United States. This will ensure that all of the required information is going to be pulled. Some companies can decide based upon a single credit agency, but most will use several to come to their decision.

The best software will also involve an API in some way. This will allow the business to program the system to their needs. It will be quick to implement, but a company will be able to tinker with some of the code to ensure that the information being pulled is the information they need.

Credit pulling software does work. Anybody that is looking for credit pulling software, however, will need to do their research. This means finding companies that work with some larger businesses and those companies that have been well-reviewed.

While it is unlikely that you will ever stumble across a company claiming to offer credit pulling services where you won't end up with a credit report, some less-than-great companies may not provide you with all of the information that you need.


If you spend time hunting down credit reporting software, you will end up with something that works. Remember, it is essential to make the right decision on the best pulling software around. After all, you need the correct information if you wish to make a solid judgment before lending money.

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