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Donald Trump has had an impressive, albeit controversial career as a businessman and his investments also included land-based casinos. Donald Trump has had an impressive, albeit controversial career as a businessman and his investments also included land-based casinos. Throughout the presidential campaign he went out of his way to discuss his abilities as an entrepreneur and tried to project an image of business prowess. Once he won the race he had to give up, or at least put his business ambitions on hold. That’s why he no longer owns gambling establishments and is no longer involved directly in managing his business empire.

Donald Trump’s casinos failed miserably

The promise to make America great again had the desired impact during the presidential campaign. His attempts of doing the same in Atlantic City were far less successful and the Taj Mahal casino is a shining example of failure. The city was already reeling from the competition coming from online gaming, as land-based casinos are losing a lot of players to their online counterparts, these can be found using online bingo and casino comparison websites like who have a large list. Las Vegas is currently the only American city still thriving, because of its mix of gambling and quality entertainment.

The decision to invest in one of the most prominent casinos in Atlantic City didn’t pan out as expected, with the Taj Mahal becoming one of his biggest failures. Right from the start, the casino was confronted with failing revenue and its inability to bringing new players, while retaining existing customers. In his defense, this was not the only casino in town to struggle with such problems and many other venues were plagued by disappointing revenue and shrinking profits.

Taj Mahal Casino was doomed from the start

Donald Trump is known for his willingness to eliminate any losing business from his portfolio and casinos were no exception. The decision to invest in the Taj Mahal was ill-advised and his inability to steady the ship was self evident right from the start. As the losses started to piling, it became obvious that the casino would either go bankrupt or be sold to the highest bidder. His only concern at this point was to maximize the return on investment by selling the business to anyone willing to take it.

Atlantic City casinos continue to struggle long after the Taj Mahal was sold and the future doesn’t look too bright. Las Vegas operators have far more weapons in their arsenal, as the city acts as a magnet for American and foreign tourists. The East Coast gambling hub is far less attractive and most of those who come to town do so exclusively for casino entertainment. Now that New Jersey has legalized online casino games, state residents have better alternatives online.

The laws require Internet casinos catering to state residents to team up with the land-based operator and this represents a lifeline for many Atlantic City casinos. Unfortunately for Donald Trump and his ill-fated investment this is simply too late as the Taj Mahal is no longer his portfolio.

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