Well, you must have heard a friend or just overheard someone remark that some particular text is too much for them and wish that there was a video for it. If not, then I will definitely confirm that it’s not much fun having to read about a product being offered. Instead it would be nicer if someone just made a short video about the product and let us enjoy the pitch instead of having a block of text lying there and just waiting for us to digest them.

The truth is that the human brain processes videos better than text and most importantly retains information better when there is a video involved. It is for this basic reason that any business should have an explainer video. Remember to ensure that your explainer video is not only pretty to look at but gets to the heart of the product you are selling while still maintaining quality.

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First things first; what is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video in basic terms is a short online marketing video used to explain your company's product or service. Explainer videos can be placed on a landing page, your website's home page.

A second question then begs: where can I make a good quality video? The answer is there are many companies out there offering video services. A few however have remained true to quality and affordable prices.

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Let’s now look at some of the reasons why it is so important to have an explainer video:

  1. Videos are Succinct!
    Videos are especially made to be straight to the point. Compared to written forms of passing messages, videos are way ahead of the pack. The target audience are sure to click on a video more often than on just written text. This is because the majority of consumers do not have time to read through details in a text. A video summarizes the information in a few minutes and gets the target information home before the audience bails out on the whole thing altogether.
  2. Explainer Videos are Audio-visual.
    Videos combine sound and images. This makes them simpler to understand compared to if only text or audio was used. The owner has the chance to break down the intended information into words and images and make the information understood as intended. This may not be possible especially with written information where the reader may interpret the intended message a little bit differently.
  3. Explainer Videos improve SEO ranking.
    Websites with videos rank better in the top search engines like Google and Bing. It is therefore best for a website to have an explainer video in their landing pages in order to appear more in searches. Remember that the average consumer is only browsing through and makes decisions to buy in less than a minute. So the higher a website is in SEO ranking, the higher the chances of getting people in there to click on their products!
  4. Videos are more personal.
    Spiel Creative say that in the modern era of online buying and marketing, videos are the mediums of interaction between the buyer and seller. The seller, if they have a great quality video made, have it easier to make a connection with the buyer. The buyer gets to feel like they know the seller better as compared to if the seller had a plain block of text that does not really bring a personal touch.
  5. Videos clarify product objectives.
    Once you are down to making that great video that will capture your client’s attention, you have a better shot at giving better insight to the products you offer. Whether by use of animations or just tutorials, a prospective buyer is able to see the usage of a product better that if the same information was packaged in text format.
  6. Videos are easier to share.
    Sharing of videos has now become a norm. With mobile phones and computers being available to more people, that and the availability of internet, it’s now possible to make a video and have it go viral. I know videos that and products that no one knew about a day before and the next day, due to an explainer video that captured the attention of many, the video is shared all over the internet. This in most instances introduces the product to more people.
  7. Explainer videos make you stand out from your competition.
    With so many businesses out there trying to compete for the same pool of customers, everyone is trying to outdo the other. A good quality explainer video will definitely help you be a different from competitors who are just only using text.
  8. Great explainer videos increase conversion rates.
    Finally and most importantly, conversion of customers! The conversion rate is the number of customers that decide to buy after visiting a site against the total number of visitors to that page. Who does not want a good conversation rate? Videos help a great deal in converting the visitors to your page.

There are so options when it comes to sales and marketing. Consumers are found in all corners of the earth. The internet came in and made the earth a global village and now the various businesses have the opportunity to take advantage of every tool at their disposal and use it to get the attention of their target consumers of their products. Check on some of the companies making explainer videos and tap into the pool of consumers out there just waiting to be lured in to buy your product. It is now up to you and the quality of effort you put in!

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