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A farmhouse in Karjat. (Wikimedia commons.org photo)


Whenever we talk about a trip from Mumbai to Pune, we mostly talk about the drive and the experience of the journey. The clean, wide stretch of the highway, the scenic Western Ghats on both sides, and if it rains, it just becomes the icing on the cake! However, as scenic as this route is, we rarely take some time to pause, rewind, and absorb its natural beauty, except for food stops or refueling breaks. Imagine, if you could just take a halt in the middle of such refreshing nature, unwind for a couple of days and rejuvenate yourself and get back to your journey?

Unless you are traveling for work or business commitments, there is no reason you should not enjoy the little hamlets that lie en route to Pune. This entire stretch is dotted with luxurious villas and vacation homes which are perfect for those traveling with large groups of families and/or friends. Book a clean and comfortable Savaari cab from Mumbai to Pune and hit the road.

Here are some of the most exotic and luxurious villas and vacation homes on the Mumbai-Pune route which is perfect for a weekend stay.

Farmhouse by the lake, Karjat

Imagine owning a house in a mountain valley where you have your own, private lake? Since not all of us can own one, there are villas like this one to fulfill such desires even if it’s for a day or so. This farmhouse has a part-natural, part-manmade lake within its premise, bicycle tracks, and plenty of open areas with gardens and fields. There are two rustic style cottages built with thoughtful and utilitarian features and yet with all the artistry. There is also a greenhouse on the property which grows a handful of vegetables, fruits, and herbs. This is a place to experience the ultimate luxury of lifestyle and nature.

Zen Villa, Khandala

As the name suggests, this villa offers ultimate peace and absolute privacy. The huge property features six bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, and a dipping pool. You can avail the services of a caretaker for your basic errands or arrange for meals. There is also a cabana where you lounge and enjoy the sunset. And if there is a celebration on cards, this can be the perfect place to party.

Bliss, Mulshi

Apt to its name, this property offers ultimate bliss for any traveler. Spreading across an area of 1.5 acres, this villa overlooks the beautiful and serene Mulshi River. The tastefully done home boasts fine interiors, landscaped gardens, and a cute little organic garden. If you are lucky, you might enjoy some fresh produce. With four spacious bedrooms, a fully-equipped kitchen and endless natural ambiance, this place will give you all that you need to unwind.

Felicity Villas, Mulshi

Cool, contemporary and fully-furnished- the Felicity villa features 3 bedrooms (AC), a medium-sized private pool, a lush green lawn, and a cabana. The property also features a spacious living area with lounge seating and recliners and a fully equipped kitchen with all appliances. For a more comfortable stay, you can also avail a cook on hire, and a caretaker to cater to all your needs.

Santoni Farms, Karjat

This beautiful villa sits between the lush green valleys of the Western Ghats on one side and a river on the other. The artistically done house has all possible basic and luxury amenities that one can ask for. The highlight of this place is, of course, the river that flows around the property with the mountains in the background. This place comes alive in the rains when the green surroundings turn greener and make you feel like living inside a painting! 

Esencia, Lonavala

Sitting right at the foothills of the Khandala mountains, this red stone bungalow is just like one out of a movie. The property reflects the fine taste and aesthetic sense across all its corners. With three bedrooms, a huge front yard, and a relaxing swimming pool, this villa offers you ultimate comfort and visual treat.

Tranquility, Lonavala

This cozy villa sits in the heart of the Lonavala valleys, far from the maddening commercial zones of the town. Built in a country-style home, this property features artistic interiors with brick walls, wood paneling, sculptures, and canopy beds. The highlight of this house is its dramatic living room with a lounging area, like the ones you would find in stories. Alluring to all your senses, this is a place you cannot miss.

On your next trip to Pune, why not experience living amidst nature, in a lavish bungalow that stands alone on a hill or by a river, where you wake up to the views of mountains and the open sky from your bedroom? And you never know, you might want to spend the rest of your intended holiday right here in the middle of the Sahayadris!

Savaari recommends:

  • Book a professional and licensed cab like Savaari in Mumbai so you always have an assisted vehicle at hand for urgent needs.
  • Always check for availability of these villas and book advance for a guaranteed stay.
  • Ensure that security, housekeeping etc. are taken care of before you arrive.
  • If you are planning for longer stays, it is better to keep yourself equipped with necessities since you won’t find shops or businesses around.

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