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Fantasy cricket league matches are becoming more popular day by day. In India, fantasy cricket has taken the online gaming industry by the storm. Over the years, it has witnessed multi-fold growth worldwide. In fantasy cricket, users create their own fantasy teams by selecting real players and their teams score points on the basis of the players’ performance in real matches. Users’ teams compete with each other to get the top spots.

So, here are some fantasy cricket league tips and tricks to win at the game:

Analyze the performance of players

When it comes to analyzing the performance of players, most of the users go for the players’ reputation. However, it is important to focus on their current form. For instance, Rohit Sharma is currently in great form but a few years ago, he wasn’t. And now he is in the queue most of the time. So create your fantasy cricket league team keeping players’ current performances in mind.

Know the pitch well

Since players’ performance depends on the pitch, it is recommended that you strategize depending upon the nature of pitch. On a flat pitch, batsmen do a great job, so you should keep minimum bowlers and maximum batsmen if the pitch it flat. Bouncy pitches are helpful to fast bowlers. So, you should check out the behaviour of the pitch in the last match.  

Ensure each player contributes in the match

Be it a real match or a fantasy cricket league match, the main thing is that each player should contribute and perform.  We often get lazy to follow the line-ups. There can’t be anything worse than selecting players who do not even contribute to the match much. Do not include players who are not in the playing eleven. If you are not sure about a player whether he will be included in playing 11 or not, do not select that player on the team. Once the team is announced, do the final modifications in you fantasy cricket league team.

Pick the captain and the vice captain wisely

Choosing the captain and the vice captain is one of the most important things as they can get you the most points. The captain can help you get 2X points, and the vice captain 1.5X points. If these two players are utilized in the most efficient way possible, you can win a lot of real money. A player who is all-rounder is usually the best to choose as the captain or the vice captain. No matter if he performs with the bat or ball, your team gets points.

Maintain a balance between young and experienced players

There are many experienced players who are always in the team but often fail to perform well. Instead of choosing such experienced players, it is recommended you select young players who have great domestic experience and perform extraordinarily. Even if you select a few experienced players, have a balance in the team.

Choose top-order batsmen

It is important to choose the top order batsmen wisely as they play a major role in the match. For example, M S Dhoni is a good batsman but he plays in the middle order and does not often get a chance to play for a long time. Hence, invest in the top order batmen who get enough time to play and score. Get the best top four batsmen so that you get the best returns.

Pick wicket-taking bowlers

It is very important to choose good bowlers on your fantasy cricket team. Your bowling attack can differentiate you from the rest. What most of the users do is pick bowlers with a good economy rate. Bowlers with a good economy rate won’t contribute much to your team’s score unless they take wickets. Wicket-taking bowlers may let the opponent team score some extra runs but their wickets get good points for your team. Know More about Fantasy cricket score system.

Earning extra points

Great wicket-keepers who catch and stump well, or fielders who catch well get extra points for your team.  Players such as Ravindra Jadeja do a great job in fielding and get those extra points for your team. So, analyze and keep a track of players who do well beyond bowling and batting.

So, keep these tips in mind when you play fantasy cricket league. Keep playing, keep winning.

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