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The world is increasingly becoming online with more and more people feeling comfortable with dealing with computers and the internet. People do their shopping online, buy tickets online, order food online, and do banking transactions online, as well. Hence, digital marketing has become crucial to the overall success of any business enterprise today. Therefore, Digital Marketing Certification programmes have become popular. MICA conducts one of the best courses in Digital Marketing courses in collaboration with UpGrad.

Let us see how a digital marketing certification can work as a catalyst in your professional growth.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is not much different from conventional marketing. The idea behind digital marketing is to promote one’s products or services through digital media. It can include audio, video, and social media. Email marketing is a critical aspect of digital marketing. Thus, we can deduce that marketing of your products and services using the internet is digital marketing.

Which digital skills are in demand?

The digital marketing skills in demand include mobile marketing, marketing automation, social media marketing, website designing and optimisation, data analytics, content marketing, email marketing, and much more. The ideal digital marketing certification program ensures to build these skills to prepare you for the challenges that you could face in the employment market.

What types of digital marketing jobs are available?

Digital marketing jobs are available in plenty today. Every business entity needs to have a dedicated website to succeed in today’s times. Therefore, digital marketing is in huge demand all over the world. Some of the crucial digital marketing jobs available on the market are video/audio production, mobile marketing, SEO/SEM, social media marketing, marketing automation, web designing, content management and curating, data analytics, e-commerce and email marketing, and many more. 

Benefits of Digital Marketing Certification Course

A PG Certification in Digital Marketing could prove to be an ideal course to enhance your professional growth. The benefits of the digital marketing certification program are as follows.

  • Become an in-demand professional

The digital market is expanding day by day. The industry is facing an acute shortage of digital marketing professionals to fill vital posts. By 2020, one can expect the UK industry alone to have a demand for a million jobs in the digital marketing industry. Therefore, specialised skill in digital marketing can make you an in-demand professional.

The October 2017 survey conducted by McKinley Marketing Partners, shows that digital marketing professionals have the highest demand as compared to other marketing professionals in the industry.

Digital marketing is one area where the demand for jobs is more than the supply. Hence, a professional certification course from an institute such as MICA can prove to be the catalyst in your professional growth. The ideal course to complete is the PG Certification in Digital Marketing.   

  • Expand your career choices

Companies across the world have demand for digital marketing professionals. The international giants like Google, Amazon, Airbnb, and others are forever on the lookout for high-quality professionals with digital marketing skills. The popularity of technology like AI and ML has also increased the demand for digital marketing experts.

As digital marketing professionals have a wide range of choices to make, they can be choosy about the company they would like to work with. It gives them the option to expand their career choices. As they can pick and choose the company they want, there is a high level of job satisfaction for digital marketers.

  • Earn more salary than your peers

The elementary rules of economics say that the price of a product or service increases if the demand for it is higher than the supply. The same logic applies here, as well. When there is great demand for digital marketing professionals, it is natural that they get high salaries. A survey conducted by the Creative Group shows that there is a substantial increase in the pay of digital marketing professionals as compared to the others. The average salary of a (CMO) Chief Marketing Officer in a corporate set up in the US is around $165K.

As the digital marketing professional earns more than his/her counterparts, the individuals are also in a better position to negotiate their salaries.

  • Kickstart your career

Usually, professionals work for some time in the market in their respective fields before branching out on their own. It is true of all skills, but digital marketing professionals are different. This particular field is such that the digital marketing professional can aim to kickstart his/her career gaining experience in the industry.

The PG certification in Digital Marketing empowers the students to build a robust social media presence, whereby it becomes easy to gain adequate Twitter followers. It also becomes easy for digital marketing professionals to start their blogs and get a foothold in the market quickly.

  • Become a versatile professional

Digital marketing skills are in high demand. Thus, the digital marketing professional can apply the knowledge to any sector, thereby making him/her a versatile professional. The PG certification in Digital Marketing does not have to adjust if he/she decides to choose a different career path. A little training in the specific field should be enough for the professional to get going. The best aspect of a digital marketing professional is that it enables you to build on your existing skills while learning new skills at the same time. There are tremendous opportunities for these professionals to develop new skills and improve their career prospects considerably.

There are other benefits of being a digital marketing professional. You get the opportunity to work with different people every day. You meet a new client every other day, whereby you improve your communication skills. Digital marketing enables you to work with freelancers all around the world, thereby bringing in a new dimension and perspective to your work. Hence, there is no moment of boredom in the professional life of a digital marketer.

Finally, digital marketer gets an opportunity to be creative in his/her approach. The marketing professional faces new situations every day, thereby making him/her resourceful.

Where do you get the best digital marketing certification?

Various universities conduct these courses, but MICA offers a very resourceful PG Certification in Digital Marketing in association with UpGrad. The best part of this PG course is that the students get on-hand training to handle real-life situations. This course is an online course, whereby you do not have to sacrifice your current job to obtain this additional qualification. This digital marketing certification program can work as a catalyst in your professional growth and help you to reach heights in your career.

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