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No season is quite like the summer. The excitement of adventure and travel makes it the perfect chance for anyone to recharge from their everyday lives. Vacationers have to be equipped to lounge in all the right ways because it makes all the difference.

 Some of the most effective tools to get through those summer months are fantastic pool floats. You may think that shopping for a pool float is a pretty cut and dry process but considering there are countless options, the choices can seem overwhelming. If you are looking for the perfect pool float, do not fret. Below are some of the unique pool floats available right now.

Giant Red Lips Pool Float

Oversized floats are all the rage right now, which is why Funboy should be your one-stop-shop for pool floats this summer. One of their highest-rated floats available right now is their Giant Red Lips Pool Float. Have you ever wanted to sit on a giant mouth? Well, now you can. This float measures about six feet in length, which gives you the optimal amount of space to lounge out and relax.

FunBoy Golf Cart Float

If you would like a unique pool float that will be a source of hourless play for your children, you should consider the FunBoy Golf Cart Float. Considering it is hard to make it to the golf course right now, you can take the golf course to you by floating around in a literal cart. While most pool floats typically seat around one person, two people can comfortably fit in this float. 

This float is not only for children. Adults can enjoy their favorite beverage with ease by placing it in one of the two cup holders located at the front of the float. An added benefit to getting this float is not worrying about floating away because you can easily tether yourself where you'd like to stay.

The Clear Rainbow Chaise Lounger

The Clear Rainbow Chaise Lounger is another option to consider if you would like an oversized float that can comfortably fit adults and children. This lounger will engage high levels of comfort while you float around in the summer heat. 

This float is effortless to lounge in, but it is visually beautiful to look at, with its hombre effect only amplified once it hits the water.  Measuring at 70 inches long, anyone can sit on this float and enjoy it with ease. 

Funboy Tie Dye Tube

If you are more of a budget-conscious shopper but want to incorporate a beautiful float into your aquatics gear, you should consider the Funboy Tie Dye Tube. The unique color palette on this float creates a stunning display once it hits the water. 

The tye-dye effect stands out and presents itself in a way that will have you mesmerized. Measuring at 50 inches in length, this float’s oversized design is the perfect idea for children and parents alike. Another added benefit in going with this particular float is you won't be blowing it up for any length of time. It takes two minutes to inflate correctly. 

Clear Pink Unicorn Float Toy 

Considering you have gotten this far, you will probably look for something that will add a little flair to your pool toys. Funboy has you covered. The Clear Pink Unicorn Float Toy is a smart option to consider if you are in the market for the perfect float. This large float could comfortably fit one person. The reinforced cupholder enables those enjoying the summer days to relax in style while riding a unicorn that holds their favorite drink. Not only is this float beautiful, but it is incredibly sturdy and will last you quite some time. 

The summer is a time to unwind and reconnect with yourself. It is a great reminder to have fun and get out and experience the outdoors. Be sure to shop for floats that get you excited about partaking in water sports.

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