One of the most popular online Casino gambling games across the world is that of online slots. Since the past few years, online slots have dominated the world of online casinos gaming with millions the world over spinning reels of their favorite games almost daily. Testament to that is the overall revenue that online slots have generated in the past year that is almost the same as any casino’s combined game stream. The game of slots was invented by Charles D Fey in the 1800s and over the centuries it has evolved into its present form. This guide will help you to know more about online slots.           

While the early versions of the game were non-paying, almost half a century later the casinos at Las Vegas were paying out more than a million dollars. It goes a long way to prove the innovation involved in the gaming industry. The current games are developed by top-notch developers of the likes of Microgaming and NetEnt and these are extremely complex and competitive respectively. Since the objective of these games is to attract a larger number of players, they need to use state-of-the-art technology to ensure they are at the top of their game. 


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For novices just venturing into the exciting world of online slots, we offer a guide to these fascinating games, so that players are well- informed before they decide to place their bets.

The development of online slots 

Online slot gaming became possible with the introduction of the Random Number Generator (RNG). It made it possible for slot machines in brick-and-mortar casinos to begin the use of video screens. This led to a boom of sorts with video slots growing astronomically in popularity in the 1980s. The advent of the Internet in the 1990s was the icing on the cake for the online slot industry.

There was stiff competition between the top developers to be the leader in the online gaming industry and building the first slot game for online gaming. Eyecon is recognized to be the pioneer with the launch of the first such game Temple of Isis in 2003, and there was no looking back.  

Online slots – the way they work 

Those that have played at regular casinos will find it easier to understand the basics of online slots. The principle behind them is the same, with most games featuring a reel grid that has a variety of symbols on them. Those playing the game attempt to score the maximum of winning combinations to score a big win. The good news with online slots is as the games progress so the different kinds of bonuses as well. 


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Each online slot has numerous pay lines that can be from 1 up to 50 in some games. Every game has a pre-designated set of guidelines and regulations on the maximum and minimum bets that can be placed. Players interested in winning large sums need to be acquainted with these rules. Apart from this, the game is simple with players placing bets, spinning the wheel and hoping for a jackpot! 

The terminology of online slots  

There are limited terms that any player must know the meaning of when they play the game so that there is no confusion of any kind. These are among the most used terms in online slots.

Payline: The term refers to a line (but not the literal meaning) that could be different sequences and patterns according to which any symbol’s winning combination happens. There are plenty of these found in any online slot. 

Scatter: It is a common distinct symbol in online slot games that generally leads to free spin bonuses.

Wild: Almost every online slot game now offers a wild symbol to be exchanged with other icons apart from the scatter symbol to achieve winning combinations.

Online slot bonuses 

The very objective of players investing time and money in playing online slot games is to win money and if possible, in large sums. Online bonuses are such a feature that if one gets lucky can help a player to hit the jackpot! While there always is a possibility to win decently playing online slot games, having slot bonuses can go a long way to improve the odds of winning. 

That is why it is extremely critical for players to learn about the exact bonus features before they decide to play their chosen game. After all, if you plan to invest a sizable chunk of money you should be well-versed with what you can gain from your investment if you come out as the winner. 

The best online slot developers in the business

Slot games are a dime a dozen with dozens of developers touting their expertise through the myriad of games they create. However, for someone new to online gaming in particular online slots, they should be aware of who is the best in the business. Two of the top-notch gaming developers include: 

Microgaming: When it comes to the topmost developers in the industry Microgaming is in a league of its own with incredible progressive jackpots.

NetEnt: In terms of consistency and quality in the world of online slot gaming, NetEnt are the leaders by tops, and have held sway from almost the beginning of online gaming.  

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