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The world has long been sports crazy and there are plenty to chose from, but some sports are favoured by the masses. Here are the world’s most adored sports across the globe, those that send billions of people crazy and not only make unthinkable amount through tickets, but who's betting scenes make billions of dollars each year due to eager fans wanting to get involved in the action.


Horse Racing


Full of history, the sport of horse racing has been around for centuries, offering a great and simple source of entertainment to all. The sports general rules and idea has not wavered over the year but has been adapted to be both more entertaining and safer for north eh horses and the jockeys. The continued mass popularity of the races has to lead to many long-standing events being much anticipated in the annual sporting calendar, such as the Grand National and Royal Ascot.


The races are so popular due to fans enjoying the social aspects that the sport has to offer, with a chance to get dressed up and spend the day with friends and family whilst placing a bet or two. The thrill and excitement of spectating is especially enjoyable in horse racing as the individual races often last no longer than two minutes and so offer speedy gratification to those anticipating the results.




Being the worlds most beloved sport, football is second to none when it comes to popularity. The continued love for the game of football has made it the highest-earning sport, enabling events to be spectacular and players to be paid ever-growing salaries, this increasing wealth of the sport is due to many factors and one of the main ones being that anybody can enjoy football. Age, gender nor race are a factor in enjoying the sport and this has enable football to become an entertainment that families enjoy together and is passed down through generations, with fathers watching games with their sons for example. 


Another reason he sport is still at the top spot all over the world is that no matter the players or the team, a game will never be without passion, from both those playing and those supporting. Whether a game in the park or a World Cup final, football matches ooze both passion and determination for everyone as to most it is not just a game, but many live and breathe the sport.




The popularity of basketball has crept up on the world of sports and has led to the growth of leagues and events. The most famous basketball league in the world if the NBA - National Basketball Association - located in the United States and composed of 30 wildly talented teams from different states.


Although this sport is primarily enjoyed in North America, its events are broadcast worldwide and are watched by millions from all different countries. Not to mention that some of the most famous faces in the world have come from the sport of basketball, with the likes of Koby Bryant, Lebron James and Micheal Jordans being known by nit just avid sports fans.



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