Currently, we are threatened by the Coronavirus pandemic.  The emergence of the COVID-19 virus has severely disrupted our lives. To mitigate the extent of COVID-19 spread, countries have to take several drastic steps - from enforcing lockdowns to practising social distancing and staying indoors.

As an individual, therefore, it is crucial that you not only take all the necessary precautions prescribed by the government agencies but also reconsider certain choices such as travelling. Earlier, people who did not have a car either used public transport or called for a cab to go around. In today's times, however, you need to prioritize personal safety over everything else. In line with this, you can choose a means that enables you to follow social distancing norms while keeping safe during the transit.                                     

zoom cars

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If you live in and around Mumbai, and do not own a car, then you can choose alternatives such as the Zoomcar Mumbai service. Zoomcar provides rental and subscription cars, in many areas around the country including Mumbai. If you are still wondering about the reliability of options like Zoomcar Mumbai service, then here are some reasons that will help you understand what makes it a safe choice.   

  1. 1.      Enables Social Distancing

How: Offers self-driven cars

When you choose to use a commuting option like Zoomcar car rental service, you will get self-driven cars to travel around. In these tough times, commuting in a self-driven car is the safest bet to minimise interactions and the risk of transmission. Unlike public transport or driver-ridden cabs, Zoomcar self-drive Mumbai car will help you to practice social distancing, and thereby travel privately and safely. 

  1. 2.     Minimises Transmission Risk

How: Provides thoroughly sanitised cars

Since Coronavirus transmits through contact with both an infected person and various surfaces, you must practice social distancing, while ensuring that even the vehicle is appropriately sanitised. When you book Zoomcar rental Mumbai service, they provide you with the cars after thoroughly sanitising them to make it safe for you and your loved ones.

Especially, if you have members in your family who are at an increased risk, such as pregnant woman, aged or sick people, or children, then choosing such a rental car will be all the more critical for you. When you book Zoomcar Mumbai service, you will cover them against possible risk while travelling too. 

  1. 3.     Suitable for All Travel Plans

How: Provides both Rental and Subscription Service

Zoomcar offers self-drive cars on both rental and subscription basis. You can select the service based on your specific travel needs. For instance, if you only commute occasionally, then you may take Zoomcar Navi Mumbai car rental service to get access to a safe, private vehicle. However, in case you live with your family, and need a secure means of transportation at all times amidst these tough times, then subscription service will give you continued access to a private car.

Zoomcar self-drive Mumbai service will address all your personal mobility needs, whether you are looking for a means to take a one-side or two-way trip, interstate or intercity journey.  You can also rent or subscribe a car on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

Their private rental or subscription car will support you during this time in the following ways:

  • Travelling to and fro from office
  • Fetching groceries and finishing household tasks
  • Picking or dropping a family member
  • Emergency visits, say to the doctor or hospital
  • A planned trip to your hometown

With a self-drive car, you can travel wherever and whenever you want, while keeping your safety in check. 

  1. 4.     Ensures No Delay

How: Reaches you within 30 mins

An emergency can come up any time, and it would be best if you already have some way to get around to your destination, whether that is your home back in another city or the hospital.  Amidst these chaotic times, you wouldn't want to waste time looking for a means of commuting, and nor would you like to compromise on safety.

Zoomcar self-drive Mumbai service provides you with a safe, private vehicle within 30 minutes, just like a cab. However, self-drive cars are much more reliable than cabs. For instance, if you need to rush your pregnant wife to the doctor, need to get something repaired urgently, or have to see your sick parent, taking Zoomcar self-drive cars will prove to be the best way to make that trip.

 Choose a Reliable Travel Partner

It is a rough phase, and staying tough is the need of the hour. Along with all the precautions you may be taking, choose the safest means to travel around. It would be best if you opt for Zoomcar's subscription car for 6-months or yearly, so that all your travel plans stand secure this year, no matter where and when you need to go.

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